MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform - C.114 Desperate, destroy a world!Mar 08, 2023

MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform

C.114 Desperate, destroy a world!Mar 08, 2023

Chapter 114 Desperate, destroy the whole world!

A hundred thousand heavenly soldiers disturb the sea of ​​clouds.

The Quartet Thunder Dragon destroys the world.

In the Ash Demon Realm.

The originally turbulent magic flame was overshadowed by this unstoppable Tianwei.


A series of Taiyi divine thunder split the thick cloud of magic.

Wei Buyi took a closer look.

But seeing the bottom of the magic cloud, endless caves were exposed, and inside the caves were pairs of eyes shining red!

Below countless red lights.

are mortals curled up—

This is no longer a mortal.

They are long dead.

It's just that the body is still being sucked slowly as nourishment!

This scene.

Wei Buyi was furious when he saw it!

"These are all demons raised by Ash!?"

His knowledge of magic is relatively shallow.

It can only be vaguely recognized that these people lying on the flesh and blood of mortals are human demons—that is, demons raised on human beings!

This kind of demon is inferior to the extraterrestrial demon.

But no less evil.

Wei Butian's eyes penetrated through layers of caves.

At the bottom of the abyss.

He saw a mountain of bones and human skin!

Terrifying strands of hair are entwined around these bones.

exudes a faint coldness.

Wei Buyi felt chills in his heart.


Ash used mortal flesh and blood to raise the demon heads, and he himself used these human demons to practice magic skills.

This small world is his place of practice.

is his base camp.

It is also the evidence of his insanity and harm to all beings!

"Sure enough, no one in the devil's way is a good thing! The higher the practice, the heavier the disaster, and the more monstrous the karma!"

Wei Buyi was furious.

Yet someone was angrier than he—

Among the 100,000 heavenly soldiers.

A general wearing a golden crown and armor rose into the clouds and cursed:

"Damn the devil!"

Say it.

He pointed at the spear in his hand.

Immediately, tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers rushed down the sea of ​​clouds.

launched an impact towards the unfathomable cave under the feet!

It seems to be aware of the movement of the heavenly soldiers.

Sparse voices also sounded in the endless cave.

After a while.

Suddenly, strange-looking monsters sprang out of it.

The shapes of these human demons are extremely deformed—some are bowed, some have four arms and compound eyes, some have their heads turned backwards, and some have fangs on their chests... In short, they are as disgusting as they are disgusting.

But they have human-like outlines.

It made people feel nervous.

When it is.

Countless heavenly soldiers collided with humans and demons. Judging from the numbers, the two were evenly matched, but the actual collision result was that the latter would shatter when touched!

Wei Buyi saw it.

The Heavenly Soldiers were like a spike deeply inserted into the formation of the demons, and countless demons screamed and were torn apart, but this was just the beginning!

Above the sea of ​​clouds.

Thunder and lightning.

After countless demonic energy has been wiped out.

The four Taiyi brontosaurus also swooped down.

In front of the innate Taiyi God Thunder and other magic-slaying weapons.

These humans and demons are not all-in-one enemies at all!

in a blink.

Their numbers disintegrate like melting ice and snow!

These hundreds of thousands of humans and demons are no match for Hundred Thousand Heavenly Soldiers.

And the Demon Ancestor Ash, who was taken care of by the Taiyi God Lei Jie, is also in danger!

Jin Jiatian will take the lead.

After overthrowing the bones of the law, he locked Ash's position immediately.

The two confront each other above the sea of ​​clouds.

It only took ten rounds.

The golden armored general pierced Ash's body with a single shot.

Nailed it on a high and raised cliff!


Innate Taiyi God Thunder followed one after another.

Instantly tore Ash's body into pieces!

【You destroyed the body of Demon Ancestor Ash! His primordial spirit split into thousands and fled, should he pursue it? 】

"I want to chase, but how can I chase?"

Wei Buyi complained secretly.

He is also the target of Tianjie's focus at the moment!

The innate Taiyi **** thunder that bombarded Ash was not as much as the one that bombarded him!

If it weren't for the power of the Thunder Emperor Amulet.

Wei Bujuan might have already turned into scum!

At the moment.

The Golden Armored Heavenly General looked at Wei Buyi with unfriendly eyes, which made Wei Buyi a little flustered. The Thunder Emperor Amulet can be immune to thunder calamity, but these 100,000 heavenly soldiers are soldiers. If they don't follow the rules , he will suffer a lot!


The golden armored general just stared at him for a while longer.

Then he took the heavenly soldiers to hunt down Ash's primordial spirit.

One time.

This side of the world has begun a thorough cleansing.

Heavenly soldiers beheading demons.

Thunder and lightning are evil.

Only Wei Buyi was the only one who was flying leisurely in the high sky, except for being hacked occasionally, he seemed a bit out of business.

In fact, he can't help it.

Tianjie belongs to the passive tracking mode. If Wei Buyi pats his **** and leaves, the demon bosses of the Ash Demon Realm can escape.

Since everyone warmly invited me to be a guest.

It takes a while to dawdle, no.


It is also the first time for Wei Buyi to enter the small world created by the Mahayana period of cultivation.

Although this world is not big, there are hidden mysteries everywhere, and there are many places that he, a little Nascent Soul, cannot understand.


Wei Bujuan became more flustered the more he watched:

"It's refreshing to wash the ground, but how should I go in a while?"

He was able to find the edge of Ash Demon Realm.

But the problem is that his cultivation still can't break through the barrier of the small world!

Heavenly Tribulation will only kill those with deep karma and devils.

But they will not actively attack the edge of the world.

This leads to if Ash is really determined to give up this small world.

Wei Buyi really has nothing to do with him!

He tried to fly left and right.

Once even flew to the edge of Ash Demon Realm.

But Brother Tianjie was still indifferent.

The yin-yang fish is always proudly hanging high in the center of the Ash Demon Realm!

Jin Jiatian will actually be working.

He chased and killed Ash's primordial spirit everywhere, and within a quarter of an hour, he killed a total of ninety-eight primordial spirits of Ash!

However, there was no joy on Wei Buyi's face.

【Ashi escaped from this small world with the last ray of soul, and arrived at the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm! 】

Nine difficulties.

is also the ancestor of demons in the small Shura world.

According to Wei Bujuan's knowledge.

There is also a demon ancestor named Ji Bingrong.

That is, the one who had a good impression of himself before.

The small worlds of the three of them together formed the base of the small Shura world.

The Little Shura Realm developed and prospered with the strong support of the three of them.

"Looking at it this way, the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm should be right next to it..."

Wei Buwei flies around the border.

It's a pity that I still can't realize the clue.

With the return of the Golden Armored Heavenly General, the Hundred Thousand Heavenly Soldiers began to concentrate their efforts to wipe out the remaining demons.

Less than half an hour.

The entire Ash Demon World has been reborn!

Everyone is wiped out.

The bones turned into dust.

The magic energy is sublimated in the thunder fire.

Karma is also refined under the catastrophe!

Wei Buyi looked around.

Discovering that this small world can be regarded as beautiful.

It's just life cut off.

It looks more deserted!

【You cleared Ash’s Demon Realm, but there are still fish that slipped through the net. Do you want to continue hunting down Ash’s soul? 】

"I choose to continue hunting, then what?"

Wei Buyi waited for a while.

As a result, there is still no movement on the boundary.

He looked at the psychedelic restrictions ahead like mountains and mountains.

I couldn't help but ponder in my heart:

"Do you want me to use Leifa to open the way? Just use Xiaodu Tianshensha to cut open the border of the small world?"

This idea is somewhat whimsical.

But he was still ready to try.

But when he pulled out the shaker bottle.

The air hope technique trembled.

Wei Buyi suddenly heard such a conversation—

"Hahahaha! Ash! You also have today, so I have a chance!"

"Let's go, take me away! Nine difficulties, when you had no money to build a small world in the past, I used to help generously... For this sake, take me away, no matter where!"

"Fart! The condition for your help back then was to sleep all my concubines!


When I saw you descending suddenly today, I knew you were going to suffer. The mortal world is vulgar, and it is a catastrophe for us demons and cultivators!

In the end, my guess was really good. When I ran into you in a blink of an eye, you were so unlucky that you only had a wisp of soul left. I really want to know who forced you to be like this, hahahaha! "

"Brother Jiunan! Grandpa Jiunan! I'll be your dog! I'll treat you like a cow and a horse. Please don't worry about the villain, take me out of the Little Shura Realm first! No matter where you are, you must not go to my A What a devil world!"

"If you say that, I have to see, what kind of enemies have you provoked? Not only have you lost your body, but you dare not even return home? Could it be that that person is in your demon world right now? This is impossible, you guys No matter how lazy you are, you won't be beaten like this on your own territory!"

"He is in my Demon Realm! It is not man who defeats me, but God... woo woo woo... You let me say..."

The voice fell.

A golden arch suddenly appeared in the distant sky.

That moment.

All heavenly soldiers and generals disappeared without a trace.

Taiyi Thunder Dragon and Yin-Yang Fish were also crumpled together.

suddenly got into Wei Buyi's body!

There was silence between heaven and earth.

As if nothing had happened!

The arch is pushed open.

A tall and slender man appeared behind the door.

In his hand, he held a specter filled with black gas.

It is Ash's primordial spirit!

"Huh? Only one person?"

Mozu Jiunan looked at Wei Bujuan suspiciously.

next moment.

Wei Buyi suddenly became violent.

Transformed into a green thunder and purple lightning, he rushed to the back of the arch!

【You have come to Nine Difficulties Demon Realm/Little Shura Realm!

Stimulated by the Nine Difficulties of the Demon Ancestor and many demon heads, the Heavenly Tribulation ended its hidden period and entered a berserk period! 】


When the first thunder blasts.

Jiu Nan's complexion completely changed.

However, reality no longer allows him to mediate or regret.

The moment Wei Buyi rushed into the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm—Taiyi Thunder Dragon, Golden Armored General, Yin Yang Fish, One Hundred Thousand Heavenly Soldiers, and the signature Jieyun—it was like a magic trick. Wei Buyi burst out of his body!

In an instant.

Thousands of demons roared in fear.

Wei Buyi glanced casually.

You know that the number of humans and demons in the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm is no less than that in the Ash Demon Realm!

Hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers rushed to the cave below in exactly the same way.

Golden Armor Heavenly General and Taiyi Thunder Dragon immediately set their sights on Demon Ancestor Jiu Nan himself!


The golden gun pierces the sea of ​​clouds.

Jin Jiatian will use exactly the same moves.

This time, he was escaped by nine difficulties.

However, Jin Jiatian's tricks are unpredictable.

After passing by Jiu Nan, the golden gun disappeared from the void, and then reappeared at the position a few breaths before passing Jiu Nan!


I was caught off guard.

Jiu Nan's body was firmly nailed to the ground!

Learned the lesson from last time.

Jin Jiatian will directly take the Nine Difficulties Yuanshen.

Less than thirty rounds.

Take it off with ease!

【You killed the demon ancestor Jiunan, your merit +336971!

It is the first time to slay the demon head of the upper realm (second-rank Youxian), and your achievement of eliminating demons and defending has set a new record!

You got the reward 'Appearance +3'! 】

【Ash's primordial spirit has taken advantage of the chaos to escape from the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm, do you want to continue hunting? 】

"Run so fast!"

Wei Buyi was well prepared this time.

As early as when we first met.

He put a mark on Ash's soul.

Looking at the air can naturally track the past.

It was only when he crossed the sea of ​​clouds and reached the edge of the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm.

He found that he encountered exactly the same problem as before.

He can't break the boundary restriction of the small world!


"Since the second brother of the system thinks that he can hunt down and kill him, there must be a way to kill him! Just now, Jiunangui Mixinqiao brought Ash over to deliver... um... The last remaining demon ancestor, Ji Bingrong, is not bad It's going to get **** off..."

Wei Buyi was admiring the spectacular scene of the catastrophe and destruction of the world.

Wandering around the edge of the Demon Realm with ears pricked up to eavesdrop.

As a result, I waited for a long time and did not hear any new conversations.

On the contrary, the Qi Wang technique responded.

【You deduce that the demon ancestor Ji Bingrong was invited by King Shura a few years ago to visit the City of Ten Thousand Immortals...】

It seems that Ji Bingrong can't be expected to bring Ash's soul over to deliver it.

When I am bored.

Wei Bujuan simply counted the merits silently.

I don’t know if the existence of heavenly soldiers and generals evenly shared Wei Bujuan’s gains.

This time, the small world that wiped out the two giants of the demon sect.

The accumulated merit is barely close to a million!

"The number of light humans and demons has exceeded one million!"

He suspects that Brother Tianjie has started deducting points.

"It's reasonable, if I didn't lure the monsters, I wouldn't be able to wipe out the headquarters of the two big demons in one go..."

When thinking wildly.

The good news finally came—

【The True Law of Immortal Thunder: Automatically consume one million merits, and you have obtained the status of the Messenger of Heavenly Tribulation!

Messenger of the Tribulation: When the Tribulation enters the berserk period, you will be able to gain control of a part of the Tribulation!

Remarks: When you are in charge of Heavenly Tribulation, if there is any action that violates the principles of heaven, your status as the messenger of Heavenly Tribulation may be revoked! 】

"Isn't this more effective than the Heavenly Tribulation Order?"

Wei Buyi's eyes lit up.

Although it is compulsory consumption.

But the personality of the messenger of catastrophe is too useful.

Millions of merits are exchanged for this.

What a bargain!

He looked up at the sky.

But see among the yin and yang fish.

Suddenly, a halo descended.

The halo condenses into substance.

Quickly turned into a black and white wishful thinking.

Wei Buyi held the black and white Ruyi in his hands.

My heart suddenly became enlightened.

He knows all the details and methods of controlling Heavenly Tribulation.


Wei Buyi began to wave Black and White Ruyi.

Command the Hundred Thousand Heavenly Soldiers and the Taiyi Thunder Dragon to clean up the Nine Difficulties Demon Realm in a more efficient way!

Only half a stick of incense has passed.

Nine Difficulties Demon Realm was cleaned.

Wei Bujuan did not hesitate.

Waved at the border next to him:

"Open the way!"

The Golden Armored Heavenly General couldn't help but glanced at him, as if a little disgusted.

But under the suppression of Black and White Ruyu, he still complied.

One hundred thousand heavenly soldiers raised flags and drums.

Jin Jiatian drew a circle with the golden gun in his hand.

Immediately, a heavenly gate opened!

Wei Buyi rushed in first.

It turns out that this place doesn't seem to be the Frozen Demon Realm.

There are at least dozens of magic practitioners gathered here!

Its cultivation is around the Mahayana period!

The exercises he practiced are very evil.

Everyone is either thin and skinny or fat like a mountain. Looking around, there is no normal person!

When Wei Buyi broke in.

They are all practicing their magic skills—

Some feed on the blood of a large number of mortals, and directly use their claws against their heavenly spirit caps to **** greedily;

Some plundered a large number of mortal women, enchanted their minds with magic, and were declaring silver in groups during the day;

Some are tempering their bodies, scraping their own flesh and tendons with bone knives, and every time they scrape, a mortal will be buried with them!

Various scenes.

It is more than shocking to see!

The killing intent in Wei Buyi's eyes became stronger!

"Who dares to trespass on the Little Asura Realm? This is the boundary mountain, don't even think about getting out once you're here!"

A devil laughed sinisterly.

As if to confirm his words.

The innumerable demons behind it laughed at the same time.

Dense red dots continue to emerge.

The astonishing magic energy enveloped like a spider web?

"This is Boundary Mountain? After destroying this place, the Little Shura Realm will no longer exist?"

Wei Buyi said coldly:

"It's really eye-opening to see such a filthy place!"

"Since I am in charge of Heavenly Tribulation, I will send you on your way!"

During the conversation.

Hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers poured in.

Taiyi Thunder Dragon roared loudly.

Under the terrified eyes of countless devils.

Lightning tore everything apart!

In the field of vision of the qi technique.

A lot of information began to swiping past the screen!

【You killed the devil Zhang Guishan, and his relatives, friends, and disciples... hunted down! 】

【You killed the demon leader Li Wusi, his relatives, friends, and disciples... hunted down! 】

【You have cleared the Jieshan/Little Shura Realm, and you have come to the Frozen Demon Realm! 】

【You wiped out all the devils in the Frozen Demon Realm, and your merit has improved!

You killed the primordial spirit of Demon Ancestor Ash! Your merit +371040!

Current cumulative merit: 1407109]

Gangfeng domain.

Magic Flame Sky.

A fine tributary of the Tianhe River flows through here.

Tributaries on both sides.

Two groups of people are ready to go.

One of them was dressed in black, all the practitioners were expressionless, and their eyes were full of hostility.

The phalanx they formed was somewhat close to a mortal army.

It seems that orders are prohibited and murderous.

The other party mostly had fluttering clothes and a good bearing.

People will know it is the demeanor of the fairy family when they see it.

It was in stark contrast to the group of people on the other side of the river.

It's just that the two sides are at a stalemate.

The momentum here is constantly falling behind!

The leader here is a handsome man who looks extremely young.

He had a smile on his face.

His eyes flickered.

The other side of the river.

A deep voice came:

"Lin Xianshou, why do you insist on going your own way?

Little Heaven and Human Realm has only eight hundred years of experience, how can it be the opponent of my Black Heaven Army?

Look at your subordinates, they have reached the realm of cultivation, but they can't do it in actual combat.

You and other Youxiandixian, who were originally outcasts from the fairy world, now want to work for them instead?

Why bother! ? "

The handsome man responded calmly:

"You Hei Tianting are cruel and ruthless, and the techniques you use are against human relations. It is not an exaggeration to say that heaven and earth will destroy each other. Even if my little heaven and human world are at odds with the fairy world, it is not your turn to sow discord. If you want to fight , I will accompany you to the end!"

Hei Tianting’s general laughed loudly when he heard this:

"Good Immortal Lin, you are noble, I will ask you and your followers to die today!"

The voice fell.

Everyone in the Black Heavenly Court showed their magic weapon together.

In an instant, the murderous aura condensed above their formation into a huge guillotine!

The yellow guillotine turned into substance.

It was about to strike at everyone in the Little Heaven and Human Realm.

At this time.

Suddenly there was a crashing sound not far from the sky above them!

Immediately after.

A pitch-black shadow descends from the sky!

It actually covered the entire battlefield in one breath!

"Not good, it's the little Shura world!"

"The Little Shura Realm has fallen!"

"Quick Splash—"

In confusion.

Someone shouted loudly.

Time goes back to before a stick of incense.

After a super cleaning.

Wei Buyi breathed in the fresh air in the Little Asura Realm, like after the rain and the sky cleared.

The whole person felt a lot easier.

【Heavenly Tribulation Messenger: During the time you were in charge of the Heavenly Tribulation, you killed two wandering immortals, twenty-nine Mahayana demon cultivators, and four million demons from the Little Asura Realm!

You have obtained a new achievement: destroy a world!

You got the reward 'Second Dojo'—

Is the small Shura realm set as the second dojo?

warn! Without the support of Jieshan and the small world of the three major demon ancestors, the small Shura world has tilted...]

(end of this chapter)