MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform - C.89 Great success in technique, blissful heavenly book! (Add more subscriptions)Mar 08, 2023

MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform

C.89 Great success in technique, blissful heavenly book! (Add more subscriptions)Mar 08, 2023

Chapter 89 Great Accomplishment of Techniques, Book of Ultimate Bliss! (Add more subscriptions)

Wei Bujuan didn't expect it either.

The unexpected 'big aunt' of Heavenly Tribulation will last so long!

Bathed in thunder and fire.

He can only feel that Tian Jie's temper is becoming more and more like a woman.

Burnout period and runaway period.

are hard to guard against.

Lie on a flat mountain.


Time passed slowly while Wei Bujuan moaned in pain.

After 10 years.

One of the three major techniques practiced in the golden core period, the "spiritual back opening technique" took the lead in entering the realm of transformation.

This method is originally a way to open up the meridians of the physical body.

Brother Jie gave Wei Buyi a boost today.

It's like having a bath master to assist you when you practice.

Pain is naturally painful.

But the effect is also very significant.

Wei Buyi probed roughly.

It was discovered that the width of the meridians in the body had been at least doubled, and the dantian had been enlarged by two circles, filled with endless true qi and true essence!

And this widening is not squeezed out abruptly.

It can be known through internal inspection.

Wei Bujuan's meridians have become more flexible now.

Strength and toughness are also greatly improved.

This may play a big role in the future duel with Qi refining masters!

At this point.

Wei Buyi's kendo aptitude has been raised to 35 points.

Looking at the entire East and the Six Kingdoms, there are very few existences!

With the assistance of sword resources improvement.

He can pull out 100 powerful sword threads in an instant!


For Wei Bujuan.

The biggest progress and surprise is still at this moment.

All the true energy in his body has been transformed into more solid true energy in advance!

This is simply incredible for ordinary cultivation.

He reckoned that he was hacked all day long and had nothing to do, so he could only crazily compress his true energy.

This leads to such a result.

Even more surprising.

After the true energy disappears.

Wei Bujuan found that the speed of the increase of true energy has not slowed down.

His golden core is frantically absorbing the aura of heaven and earth.

and directly compress it into Lei Dao True Yuan!

If this trend can be maintained until he breaks into a baby.

Then his true energy and magic power will be unimaginably thick!

During the year.

Wei Bujuan thought about it.

Another spell was selected as the passive reward receiving target.

This technique is quite special.

Called as 'Little Prajna Brahma Light'—

That's right.

This is a Buddhist technique.

The practice system of the True Law of Immortality of Lei Yuan is the dual practice of Taoism and Buddhism.


As a Qi refining technique that directly points to the Dao.

If this true method is easy to use, just stuff it into the system!

Wei Butian was also very surprised when he saw this little Prajna Brahma Light for the first time.

And the reason for choosing it.

It’s just for extra preparation in the future.

This method can capture people's minds, kill ghosts and gods, and protect people comprehensively. The effect can be said to be a panacea—but most importantly, with this method, it seems that it is not impossible to pretend to be a Buddhist in the future.

After formulating a new technique.

Wei Buyi didn't care about other things.

The catastrophe above the head is in full swing.

He could only suffer silently.

that's it.

In a flash, more than twenty years have passed.

【The True Law of Immortality of Thunder: On the first day of April 980 in the Spiritual Desolation Realm, it has been 50 years since the catastrophe was passed. The sky thunder washes the body, and the real fire refines the heart. You feel that you have become stronger——

Passive reward: Your experience of the spell "Heart Light Sword" has been slightly improved (current proficiency: Huajing)

Passive reward 2: The experience of Ni's spell "Zha Lei Yi Qi Xiao Nao" has been slightly improved (current proficiency: Huajing)

Passive Reward 3: Your experience of the spell "Little Prajna Brahma Light" has been slightly improved (current proficiency: exquisite)

Has not left the Heavenly Punishment Forbidden Land for 50 years.

You have received three active rewards!

please choose-】

Lie in the Pingshan Pavilion.

Wei Buyi opened his eyes, his eyes were clear.

"Before you know it, has it been fifty years?"

He touched his face subconsciously.


Still very moist.

However, what brought tears to his eyes the most was that the Jieyun above his head finally subsided a part!

The yin-yang fish that had been staring at him for more than thirty years also disappeared.

A little sunlight penetrated through the clouds and hit Wei Buyi's face.

He was as moved as if he was born again!

"Thanks to the Eight Coiling Dragon Sutras, for more than 30 years, I have used the power of Heavenly Tribulation to torture my physical body repeatedly, and now I have broken into the fifth level of this method..."

"My current physical body is already so strong that the data panel can't respond?"

Wei Buyi glanced at the data panel.

In the column of acquired attributes.

Impressively wrote—

【Vigor 91 Five Senses 88 Appearance 90 (+5)】

Thirty years of self-cultivation.

Vigor finally broke through the 90 mark.

This means that when a sword cultivator of the same level fights flying swords against him, as long as the true energy is not overwhelmingly higher than his, the enemy's flying swords will be blown away immediately!

This is because Feijian and its master are the existence of a heart-to-heart union.

The strength of the swordsman.

largely determines the outcome of the flying sword fight!


The appearance of the five senses has also been slightly improved.

Finally, these thirty years in prison have not been in vain!

"It feels so good to be able to walk freely..."

The three major techniques have all been cultivated to the realm of transformation.


It's time to improve your cultivation!

One thought here.

Wei Bujuan was a little excited.

He didn't rush to pick active rewards.

Instead, he got up and walked around Qingfeng Temple twice.

Fu went to the mountain spring to adjust his clothes again.

By the way, click on the Qi Watching technique to check the current situation of friends and enemies.

The first is the special attention list.

【Spiritual Desolation Realm July 15, 950.

Li Yinghua (remnant soul) failed in the process of renewing the soul.

His soul is on the verge of collapse!

the next day.

Li Yinghua was helped by a mysterious person when he was out of his wits.

Obtained a heavenly book!

Late August.

Li Yinghua's temperament changed drastically.

Successfully transformed into a ghost cultivator!

Zixiu Sword was refined into Ghost King Sword by him!

The first day of January 953.

Li Yinghua returned to Heifengyuan again.

began a long retreat practice.

955 years.

Li Yinghua (ghost repair) broke through to the foundation building stage!

960 years.

Li Yinghua broke through to Golden Core stage!


Li Yinghua broke through to the Nascent Soul stage!

980 (today).

You have noticed that Li Yinghua (ghost repair) is about to break through the stage of transformation into a god! 】

"Is this the lucky one?"

Although Wei Bujuan had a premonition long ago.

But also dumbfounded.

When people are about to die, someone will send a book from heaven?

Can a wisp of remnant soul transform into a ghost cultivator?

Deng Chan, Qiu Jinyu and his ilk are so unlucky!

Wei Buyi noticed.

When transforming into a ghost cultivator.

Looking Qi Technique is specially described with four words in big red, 'great change in temperament'.

Avatar aspect.

Li Yinghua's originally cute face also had two horrific tears of blood.

If the killing star returns again this day.

I'm afraid it will be even scarier than last time!

"She hasn't left Heifengyuan for a long time, I'm afraid it's for the sake of cultivating God Transformation and even returning to the Void before taking revenge..."

Wei Buyu was amazed at her cultivation speed.

Follow the current trend.

If there is no help from Brother Tianjie.

He might not be able to beat the transformed Li Yinghua!

After all, to put it bluntly.

He is just a humble golden core monk now!

Closed the information of Tiansha Star.

Wei Buyi is waiting to see the recent situation of other people.

However, at this time.

A surge of power condensed from his chest—

【Thirty years after crossing the catastrophe, you have completely eliminated the karma inherited from the Qilin clan!

You have obtained a magic weapon of karma (Book of Ultimate Bliss), do you want to refine it? 】

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(end of this chapter)