MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform - C.92 The Monster Clan is coming, Wei Buyi's first experience! (BigMar 08, 2023

MTL - After 800 Years, I’ve Become The Taboo Lifeform

C.92 The Monster Clan is coming, Wei Buyi's first experience! (BigMar 08, 2023

Chapter 92 The monster clan strikes, Wei Buyi's first experience! (Dazhang asks for subscription)

Wei Bujuan is still a little apprehensive about the masters of the Mahayana stage. After all, compared with the immortals in the Mahayana stage, there is only a difference in the amount of immortal energy.

In the late stage of fusion, the Mahayana can only be achieved after crossing the catastrophe.

This Crossing Tribulation refers to the real Great Heavenly Tribulation!

It is completely different from the small catastrophes that can be seen everywhere in this world due to breakthroughs.

This general Luo Yuan was able to survive the catastrophe.

It means that he still has two brushes under his hand.

Wei Bujuan dared not let his guard down.

"It would be great if there was a substitute. When a strong enemy attacked, my deity was safe and sound in the rear. I used the substitute to go fishing..."

Unfortunately, I can only think about it.

The method of incarnation outside the body is quite rare.

And ordinary substitute spells can't achieve the effect of fishing at all.

In this regard, Wei Bujuan had no choice but to think long-term.

The rest of the enemies are mostly less threatening.

In the past thirty years, He Lanshuang, the king of internal fighting, has followed the previous actions. She has continuously joined various small sects, and while winning rewards through various competitions, she is also rapidly improving her status in various small sects. .

According to Wei Buyi's conclusion.

This woman has not stayed in the same small sect for more than eight years at most.

After leaving.

She will often change her face and seamlessly join another sect.

Then repeat the above process.

Available at nearest.

The trajectory of her behavior suddenly shifted—

【Spiritual Desolation Realm April 976.

He Lanshuang (King of Infighting/Narrow-minded) joined Dao Yimen...]

The nature of the sect she joined is different this time!

Daoyi is not a small sect.

It is the well-deserved overlord of Rakshasa Kingdom!

This kind of sect is also very cautious when reviewing the origin of its disciples.

Therefore, He Lanshuang hid her cultivation until the foundation building stage.

Afterwards, through some unknown method, he actually sneaked into the outer door of Daoyi Sect.

But this time she was calm.

Just above the small competition held last year for the promotion of the outer door to the inner door.

She narrowly lost to a late-stage Foundation Establishment disciple by a sword.

After that, he can still only practice in the Tao as a foreign disciple.

This move is really abnormal!

Wei Bujuan had been guessing why she repeatedly joined and quit the sect before.

But because the other party is involved in some low-level small sects.

It is also difficult for him to make accurate judgments.

But this time it was different.

Wei Buyu felt something.

In an instant.

The dragon spirit in his body surged—

【As the genius of the human race, you have the right to distinguish and analyze the human race under your rule to a certain extent. Do you use the power of the genius to conduct an in-depth analysis of He Lanshuang? 】

"The power of Tianjiao is still useful?"

Wei Buyi looked happy.

Hastily chose OK.

【Identity and origin identification...

It has been confirmed that He Lanshuang is actually a human spy who was bought by the monster clan!

It has defected to various sects and sects among the six countries for many years, the purpose is to collect intelligence data on the human race's cultivation world!

He Lanshuang recently joined Daoyimen.

It may be to steal more important human intelligence! 】

Wei Buyi's face darkened.

At the beginning, he planned for the human race to unite all wills into one city, but he just didn't want to see this scene!

But He Lanshuang should have been raped a long time ago.

I don't know what benefits the Yaozu gave her.

These years have been busy.

I'm afraid she has figured out all the underpants of the Six Kingdoms Cultivation Realm.

The only variable.

There is only myself and Lie Pingshan!

"Old man Mingsong from Dao Yimen, last time I saw him seem to be working in the Immortal Temple, I can entrust him to do this matter..."

Wei Buyi made up his mind.

Among the remaining three.

'Experiencing Mad Demon' Cao Yuexiang has been wandering outside all these years, looking for others to compete while cultivating. She doesn't look like a mountain, but her cultivation speed is extremely fast. Ten years ago, she broke through to the stage of transformation.

Since then she has been living in seclusion in the Holy Land of Qingming Demon Cult.

Now her status in the church is equivalent to that of Jiang Shaojie in the past, and she belongs to the most powerful group of elders.

It's worth pondering.

Wei Buyi saw that this woman had a secret meeting with Master Yixin from Xiaoling Mountain last month!

As the dark son of Buddhism lurking in the Demon Sect.

Such a move obviously violates the undercover code.

It seems that Buddhism may have some action in the near future!

After the big demon king Xu Kun was scared away by the catastrophe, he has been hiding in his own territory to practice.

He rejected the demon emperor's orders several times.

And fifteen years ago, he advised the demon emperor not to attack the territory of the human race.

However, his suggestion aroused the demon emperor's fury.

The two of them had a match on the spot.

The Great Demon King Xu Kun lost.

Pressed under Longya Mountain by the Demon Emperor.

has become a new joke of the stone demon clan.


Xu Kun's younger brother Xu Xin took over his position, territory and influence.

The Stone Clan began to mobilize their troops, ready to move.

As for the last A Yuan.

Wei Bujuan actually couldn't bear to watch it anymore.

This kid is having a terrible time.

So much so that Wei Bujuan couldn't help wondering whether his fate was marked wrongly?

He is the real lone star, right? !

【Spiritual Desolation Realm June 970.

The Budai Gang where A Yuan belongs to is attacked by the deadly rival, the Viper Gang!

That night.

King Rakshasa was on fire. Affected by the aftermath of the palace coup, the whole army of the Budai Gang was annihilated.

A Yuan’s wife, children, and father-in-law all died in the fire...

A Yuan escaped by chance! (Remaining number of saved lives: 0)

April 972.

A Yuan was spotted by disciples of Guangmingzong on the way to pay homage to his relatives.

Early May 972.

A Yuan was caught by the monks of the Guangming Sect to dig deep spiritual stones in the mine on the edge of the Tianjie Mountains...]

In the avatar column.

A Yuan is already a gray-haired old man.

"Yes, judging from his age, he is also 54 years old..."

Wei Buyi sighed softly.

In his memory.

Ah Yuan seems to be still the immature Taoist boy who has a cute smile.

However, the cruelty of time lies in this.

Wei Buti has achieved success in his own practice.

His appearance has been the same for fifty years.

And people like A Yuan who give up halfway.

Since every year is not as good as one year.

Not to mention at a very young age.

He was designed to take away his foundation.

According to the current speed.

Wei Buyi estimated that he would soon come to the end of this life.

This made Wei Buyu a little tangled.

He is not actually a cold and heartless person.

But in A Yuan.

He couldn't at first.

Now I am a little reluctant—

With Wei Bujuan's current status in the world of cultivating immortals in the Six Kingdoms, it is of course very easy to find A Yuan. With the words of the immortal, naturally countless people would die for him.

But the question is what to do after finding it?

Give the White Thunder Talisman to A Yuan, so that he can practice with him at ease?

However, is this kind of charity-like salvation really what A Yuan is willing to accept?

Wei Bujuan doesn't think so.

Now his qi hope technique has been raised to the level of profound art.


He can predict many, many things that never happened—

"If I recall A Yuan back to Qingfengguan, he will probably not accept my help unwillingly, just like he never went to the old Taoist Xuan Zhenzi after being recruited by Liu Yunniang..."

"A Yuan is a person who has his own ideas, and he has been like this since he was a child."

"His heart may have died after being cheated by his 'childhood sweetheart'. After that, he lived like a walking corpse. Even getting married is just a follow-up move-he may never have loved his wife, and he may even know to marry himself The child in the woman's womb is not his own...but he still lives like this."

Wei Bujuan is not a god.

How can a dying person be saved?

This is exactly where Wei Bujuan was a little tangled up before.

He really felt owed to A Yuan.

But not much.

If you can do it.

He helped without any hassle.

It's a pity that heart disease still needs heart medicine.

Where is Ah Yuan's heart medicine?

One thought of this.

Wei Buyi suddenly had that whim-like feeling in his heart again!

He hastily used the qi technique to calculate.

The result is rather vague.

But sure.

He vaguely saw a ray of purple air rising slowly to the north!

That touch of purple air.

Seems to be a turning point in A Yuan's life!

"North of the Tianjie Mountains?"

Wei Bujuan was thoughtful.

He vaguely felt it.

A Yuan is coming soon!

And just at this time.

Looking forward to the operation.

A Yuanna's [Grandmaster]'s destiny has quietly lit up a small half of the corner!

It is also at this time.

Li Yinghua's [Heavenly Death Star] also flickered!

The two are one south and one north.

The lights of fate shine together.

It seems to herald the protagonist of this land in the next era!

"It feels like a storm is coming..."

After this feeling.

Wei Bujuan is not only quite proficient in qi-watching skills.

At the same time, he also reminded himself not to put all his eyes on the south!

The monster races of millions of mountains are certainly possible to invade.

But the Tianjie Mountains in the northwest may also be the source of the Millennium Calamity!

Sit all night.

Wei Buyi drew up various emergency plans in his mind.

Until the next day dawn.

He just got out of this deduction state.


He let out a foul breath.

He has a little more confidence in the future of the Six Nations human race.

"Deduction is too tiring..."

"It's better to watch some gossip!"

Thinking so.

He opened the regional gossip board conveniently.

Incoming news available.

Also not easy!

【Regional Gossip Board (Eastern Six Kingdoms)—

The tenth master of the Yaozu came to kick the hall!

There are rumors: Li Muzhen, the tenth-ranked master among the million-dollar mountain monster clan, has traveled all over the Black Tooth Kingdom and Dog seals the country and defeats countless masters of the four sects, and has never failed so far!

Chang Sun Qing (Headmaster of Ruyitang/Qu Fengguo): This Li Mu is really shameless, he will come to our Ruyitang to kick the gym when he comes up, this man is powerful, enough to be in the late stage of transforming gods, my teaching elders are no match!

That's all, after this monster defeated us, he asked us who is the number one monk in the Six Kingdoms!

I naturally answered Yulong Kingdom and Han Tianjiao.

Who would have thought that Li Muzhen laughed out loud after hearing the words:

"I remember, thank you for reminding me, before I humiliate other experts of your human race, I won't fight with him!"


How cunning the monster race is!

I thought he would challenge me when he asked me who was the number one monk of the human race...]

There are a lot of comments below.

Some followed and scolded the masters of the Yaozu for being shameless and shot a feint.

There are also people who scold Ruyitang as trash.

Even Li Muzhen, who was ranked tenth, couldn't resist.

The general direction is still consistent with the outside world.

But there are always some eccentric guys.

【The Power of Heavenly Proud: It has been detected that some human races are violating the century-old luck of "Unity as one", and widely publish negative remarks to belittle the talents of the human race. Do you want to punish these people slightly?

Punishment succeeded!

Those who spread negative speech or yin and yang qi have been planted with a ban on luck and will not be able to speak in public!

Duration: 7 days]

"This is also okay?"

Wei Bujuan is simply an eye-opener!

No wonder it is said that the power of Tianjiao has infinite uses.

It turns out that becoming a proud person is equivalent to becoming the supreme administrator of the human race of the six kingdoms of the East.

This authority is in hand.

Wei Bujuan was very comfortable.


He checked the situation of Li Muzhen.

【Li Muzhen: In the late stage of transformation, the wood demon clan practiced the 'Qingdi Baolu'!

Innate destiny—

Thinness in roughness (blue): things seem rough and chaotic, but in fact they are orderly in secret; five senses +4

Heir of the Qing Emperor (Purple): When he was young, he mistakenly entered the cave of the first Qing Emperor, obtained part of the true biography of the Qing Emperor, and inherited his magical powers from the lineage of the Qing Emperor.

Hungry ghost in color (grey): Very easy to turn blue, unable to walk when encountering beautiful women, especially obsessed with sexual affairs, no matter whether the other party is a demon or a human...]

"Fate is mediocre, can this also transform into a god?"

Wei Buyi was a little surprised.

But look at fate.

I didn't think how strong this beast was.

"It seems that there is something in Qingdi's inheritance."

Thinking so.

Wei Buyi clicked on his recent experience—

【Spiritual Desolation Realm January 30, 980.

Li Muzhen (descendant of the Qing Emperor) kicked the Juque Palace, the first martial art in the country.


Juque Palace injured 16 people and killed 2 people.

Li Muzhen walked away.

February 18.

Li Muzhen kicked Guangou to seal Ruyitang, the second sect in the country.


Ruyitang injured 29 people and killed 4 people.

Li Muzhen escaped calmly.

The first day of March.

Li Muzhen kicked the hall of Heisha Gang, the number one sect in the Black Tooth Country.

In the future.

Heisha gang injured 7 people, no death.

Li Muzhen stayed for 10 full days before leaving under the delicious hospitality of the Heisha Gang.


The Heisha gang kidnapped dozens of mortal women...

March 18.

Li Muzhen kicked Liushamen, the second sect of the Black Tooth Kingdom.

After a **** battle.

Liushamen suffered heavy casualties.

Li Muzhen was slightly injured.

The second day of April (today).

Li Muzhen came to Ironwood Fort in Putuo Kingdom.

is about to kick the hall...】

"No, what are so many cultivation sects of the human race doing?"

"Just watching a big monster make trouble like this?"

Wei Bujuan couldn't understand it.

No matter how powerful the late stage of Huashen.

Call more masters, set up formations, or take out the treasure at the bottom of the box, it will not be difficult to kill, right?

can be very fast.

He realized what these sects were afraid of!

"Li Mu really came here in the name of sparring!"

"If he is really besieged and killed, it will just give the monster race an excuse to invade!"

"The Yaozu deliberately came here to show off their power. They are afraid that the human race will besiege Li Muzhen to death. In this way, they will have a reason to use force!"

Wei Buyi sniffed.

Various signs indicate.

The monster army seems to have reached the edge of the million mountains.

An example of Li Muzhen's provocation.

Definitely won't be the last!

"This guy can be considered cunning, why didn't he come to lie down on Pingshan?"

Wei Buyi sneered:

"But... really think I can't cure you if I don't come?"

He took out the book of bliss from the corner of the wine-making gourd storage space!

Next breath.

He quickly wrote down Li Muzhen's name and fate!

【You are cursing Li Muzhen through the Book of Ultimate Bliss, you have generated a lot of karma...】


A pure white lightning spear descended from the sky.

directly smashed Wei Bujuan to the core!

"Is this the first experience of the Bliss Book?"

He touched his forehead.

Pain in the fundus of the eye:

"Damn, the scalp is broken!"


Countless lightning spears fell again.

There was a flutter of chickens and dogs jumping in the smashed Qingfeng Temple.

at the same time.

General multi-country.

Outside Ironwood Castle.

Li Muzhen, who was preparing to kick the gymnasium, suddenly stopped.

Behind him, a slender monster woman asked softly:

"Young Master, what's the matter?"

Li Muzhen twisted his nose hard.

said a little strangely:

"I don't know what's going on, I suddenly want to laugh!"

Dazhang is actually adding changes in disguise, continue to ask for monthly tickets!

(end of this chapter)