MTL - Divorce Strategies For Divorced Movie Queens - C.3 mutual disgustMar 08, 2023


"Miss Ji? Miss Ji, are you in there?" The door was slammed, and the voice of the person outside the door was anxious.


Ji Chenli turned over and wanted to continue sleeping, but her body was empty and she fell heavily on the ground, the pain caused her to wake up immediately.

"Who is it!" Ji Chenli yelled at the door irritably.

"Miss Ji, have you changed your clothes yet? Miss Ming is waiting outside!"

what clothes?

Ji Chenli stood up rubbing his swollen buttocks, his whole face wrinkled from the pain.


Her movements froze for half a minute.

Am I not dead?

Ji Chenli pinched his own face hard, it hurts a lot, it doesn't look like a dream. But she clearly remembered that she was dead, the feeling of blood gushing out of her body was vivid and real, and the pleasure of facing Minglang's unbelievable last look, she had never been so real in her life.

"Miss Ji, my ancestor... I beg you to hurry up, please? The wedding is about to begin!" The people outside the door were wailing again, and it was only then that Ji Chenli noticed the wedding dress she was wearing.

This wedding dress can be recognized even if Ji Chenli touches it with her eyes closed. The wedding dresses she and Minglang wore when they got married were two sets designed by a French designer specially invited by Ji Chenli when he was attending a film festival in Europe. , unique in the world, all handmade, it took half a year to complete, and she only wore it once in her life.

This is... playing with me?

Ji Chenli glanced at the decoration layout of this room, her gaze was fixed on the dressing table not far away, she ran to the dressing table in three steps at a time, and hugged the big mirror on the table like a straw.

The person in the mirror is strange yet familiar, with red lips and black hair, collagen all over his face, not to mention wrinkles, not even a single crease on his face, Ji Chenli touched his face and smiled wryly, how long has it been since she took a good look at herself? What's it like?

"Miss Ji, if you don't come out again, I'll hit the door? Did I really hit the door? Hey, hey..."

Before the person outside could speak, the fragile door was kicked open from the outside. Ji Chenli turned his head to look, and saw Ming Lang, who was also wearing a wedding dress, walked in from the door and walked straight to Ji Chenli. Without saying a word, he looked at Ji Chenli carefully, from head to toe, his posture seemed like he wanted to swallow Ji Chenli alive.

At this time, Ming Lang was still young, with some immaturity remaining on his face, Ji Chenli was amazed at seeing it, and thought to himself, so this person had this dead face seven years ago.

"Ji Chenli." Ming Lang took half a step forward and called out Ji Chenli's name, feeling abnormally agitated, and there was something sparkling in his eyes.

It's been too long, Ji Chenli only remembers that she married Minglang on this day, but can't recall the specific details, wondering what happened, it's so rare to see Mr. Ming who can make Mount Tai collapse in front of him without change Show your emotions.

"Ji Chenli." Ming Lang called out again, the volume increased, and the tears in his eyes glistened even more.

It was probably because the young Minghong hadn't cultivated enough yet, Ji Chenli thought that he was old at this time, so he generously forgave her in his heart, so he sat on the stool with his legs up and smiled, "What are you doing?"

Knowing that he had lost his composure, Ming Lang quickly sorted out his emotions, with a clean expression on his face, and said coldly, "The time has come."

"When?" Ji Chenli asked knowingly.

Ming Lang put her hands behind her back and narrowed her eyes slightly, "You said you got married."

"Yes." Ji Chenli nodded with a smile.

She didn't have such a dim memory that she even forgot about it. Back then, Ji Chenli's brain was so hot that she threw herself on Ming Lang, trying to get close to her, and finally devised such a farce of marriage, and spent the rest of her life in it. How could he forget about the terrible end.

"But," Ji Chenli changed his posture with his legs crossed, and the old **** said, "I regret it."

"What did you say?" Ming Lang walked half a step into her with a cold face.

"I regret it." Ji Chenli folded his arms aggressively, "What kind of a thing are you, Minghong? My mother, why should I waste my good life on something like you?"

Those bridesmaid makeup artists who were eavesdropping at the door gasped when they heard this. Is this Miss Ji crazy? At the beginning, relying on Ming Lang to make a fuss like that, why did his temperament suddenly change this time? Like a split personality.

At this time, it has been several years since the same-sex marriage law was passed, but the public opinion is mainly against the marriage of two women. There are many same-sex marriages registered, and few couples dare to make it public. The news of Minglang’s marriage On the day it was posted on the hot search headlines, the stock of Minghan Film and Television plummeted by 20%. Well, even though Weibo was supported wave after wave by keyboard warriors.

It was Ji Chenli himself who said he wanted an unprecedentedly grand wedding. Ming Lang withstood the pressure from the board of directors, Ming and Han's elders, and personally sent invitations to the elders of each family. Finally, all the prominent families in City C have arrived, which is enough to give Ji Chenli face. Ji Chenli regrets it. Not only Minglang, but the entire Ming family will probably become a joke for chatting after dinner. How could she be left alone. .

Ming Lang bent down and approached Ji Chenli, propped one hand on the dressing table, and stopped ten centimeters in front of Ji Chenli, intersecting Ji Chenli's line of sight, the air was frozen to the brim, and those who opened the crack of the door The crowd of onlookers looked at each other in blank dismay, not daring to breathe.

But Ji Chenli's attention was all attracted by Ming Lang's collarbone. The wedding dress on Ming Lang's body was a tube top design. The tailor-made wedding dress perfectly outlined the curve of her upper body. The collarbone twisted away, carelessly swaying in front of Ji Chenli's eyes, she swallowed, and just wanted to move forward to kiss Fangze.

For such a person, it seemed that it was not unacceptable for him to shave his head and jump into it.

"Ming Lang." Ji Chenli blinked at the person in front of him who was within reach, and said with a smile, "Shall we divorce?"

Although they have already obtained a marriage certificate, it is not too late to divorce now.

Ji Chenli doesn't know why God made a big joke for him to do it all over again, since he can do it all over again, Ji Chenli is really afraid of Minglang, this flower of Gaoling can't be picked by himself, whoever wants to pick it Take it off.

"You don't want to be the actress anymore?" Ming Lang asked.

Ji Chenli smiled, "I never wanted to."

Where was Ming Lang on the day he won the Best Actress trophy? By the way, it was Han Xinyuan's birthday that day, and Ming Lang was busy celebrating her birthday. So Ji Chenli had no choice but to look at the seats in the front row that had been vacant all night, and wished himself a happy birthday in his heart.

The awards ceremony was followed by the celebration banquet. Ji Chenli would not refuse anyone who came to toast, good or bad, and mixed red and white. Finally, he threw up holding the toilet until he couldn't straighten up. Tears and snot flowed all over his face. After draining enough, I washed myself in the bathroom sink, reapplied my makeup, and went back to the box with a smile on my face to continue drinking.

This circle is like this, you can't afford to offend, if people tell you to drink, you have to drink, what is the so-called actress? In the mouth of outsiders, she is just a prostitute who apologizes for laughing.

It wasn't a happy memory, the sarcasm on Ji Chenli's face faded, she lowered her head sleepily, she glanced at herself in the mirror, and found that she probably stayed by Minglang's side for a long time, subtly, There was a bit of a bright shadow on his own face.

Ming Lang's eyes showed understanding, he straightened up and took a few steps back, "I can't help you."

She grabbed Ji Chenli's wrist, forcefully pulled her off the stool, pulled her and walked out through the wooden door that had fallen to the ground.

"Miss Ming! Veil! Veil—" the makeup artist and bridesmaids picked up the veil hanging on the side and trotted out.

The banquet hall was full of guests, Ji Chenli saw Han Xinyuan sitting in the corner with his sharp eyes.

Han Xinyuan was still young, with a livid face, staring at Ji Chenli, she was about to dig a hole in the elegant tablecloth.

Ji Chen felt a sinister pleasure from the bottom of his heart, raised his chin provocatively and squinted at Han Xinyuan who was in the audience, his despicable face was obvious.

She looked around again, seeing all kinds of beings, flattering and disdainful, no wonder they all said that life is like a play, these faces are much more interesting than movies.

"Okay, now the bride can kiss the bride." The master of ceremonies is a first-line host, and a good hand at mobilizing the atmosphere. Her words really made the scene come alive. Ji Chenli's friends in the entertainment industry cheered .

Ji Chenli glanced at Han Xinyuan, Han Xinyuan was from the Han family, and had a close relationship with Minglang, sitting on a high seat very close to the stage.

Ji Chenli raised the corners of his mouth maliciously, put his arms around Minglang's neck and kissed those red lips accurately.

Ming Lang was completely unprepared for this, staring blankly at Ji Chenli's magnified face in front of him, hugged her slender waist back, closed his eyes and deepened the kiss.

This was not in line with Ji Chenli's plan, but she was distracted to look at Han Xinyuan, and found that Han Xinyuan was stubbornly pursing his lips, with tears in his eyes, so strong that it made people feel distressed.

Ji Chenli smiled with satisfaction.

Although this kiss made her feel sick, but it was worth it to make Han Xinyuan sick at the same time.

Aren't people disgusting each other when they live? What was wrong with me in the past, thinking that I could exchange my sincerity for Minglang's sincerity, but in the end not only disgusted the two of them, but also implicated myself by the way.

The banquet on the day of the wedding lasted from daytime to late at night, Ji Chenli was only in charge of attending the ring exchange part, and the rest was handed over to Minglang. When Minglang finally sent all the guests and friends back to the lounge, he found that there was only The haute couture wedding dresses were randomly scattered on the ground, the wind poured in from the wide open window, the curtains fluttered, and Ji Chenli had long since disappeared.

Ming Lang bent down to pick up the wedding dress on the ground, and a heavy diamond ring rolled down from the wedding dress. That ring was only put on Ji Chenli's hand by Ming Lang a few hours ago.

Ming Lang picked up the ring, she only wore a red one-shoulder mermaid dress to entertain the guests, the cold wind blew past in the middle of the night, squatting in the middle of the floor, shivering shiveringly holding Ji Chenli's discarded wedding dress.

Ji Chenli cherished the wedding dress the day she brought it back, and now that she doesn't want it, it's just like throwing away.