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MTL - Divorce Strategies For Divorced Movie Queens

C.42 home remedies for insomniaMar 08, 2023

Ming Lang pressed against each other again and again, and this time he actually involved Tao Yuan and the children as a threat. Ji Chenli couldn't bear it anymore, and after leaving the reporter, he didn't discuss with Tao Yuan, and sat in the On the subway, he directly dialed Ming Lang's cell phone number.

To say that something engraved into the bone marrow has really become instinctive. When Ji Chenli pressed Minglang's phone, he didn't even think about it, and he didn't even hesitate. He pressed the call button. He secretly scolded himself for being so cheap, saying that he was going to forget it, but he remembered everything, no wonder everyone could laugh at him, even the reporter who was barely an ordinary friend sarcastically and indirectly said that he had climbed into the Ming Dynasty The tall branch of the tree, the sparrow turns into a phoenix.

In the whole world of Ji Chenli's last life, Minghong was the only one. She didn't pay attention to the gossip outside, and she could probably guess some of it. But in this life, she clearly realized what she was like in the eyes of outsiders when she faced these gossips nakedly. That's right, not to mention outsiders, even Ji Chenli himself looks down on him, so what do outsiders think?

Ji Chenli waited for a while, and the other end connected to the phone. Before the other end could respond, she blew out the anger accumulated in her stomach, "Ming Lang, is there something wrong with you? You are a majestic head of the Ming family. Is it interesting to keep worrying about not letting us ordinary people be better than you? I dug your ancestral grave and you are so unwilling to let me go? You..."

Ji Chenli hadn't finished shooting with his mouth like a machine gun, when a weak interrupting voice came from the other end of the phone, "That...Miss Ji...I'm Xu Luyang..."

Ji Chenli's anger suddenly became dumb, and Ji Yu's anger was choked in his throat, whether he swallowed it or vomited it, and there was no sound for a long time.

"Miss Ji, are you in a hurry to find Mr. Ming? Wait a moment." As he spoke, the phone rustled for a long time, as if a different person answered the phone. Sure enough, Minglang's familiar cold voice came to Ji Chen Li's ear, with a bit of incredible surprise, "Chenli? You... you looking for me?"

Ji Chenli had calmed down at this time, sighed, and leaned on the subway bench helplessly, "Minglang, can you dismantle the area in the west of the city later? At least give us a little time to move, and I will help those children Thank you."

"Chengxi?" Ming Lang coughed a few times, very surprised, "Chen Li, don't worry, just speak slowly."

Ji Chenli remembered every tone of Minglang's voice, so even though Minglang deliberately pressed his voice, Ji Chenli could hear the hoarseness in Minglang's voice, and asked hesitantly, "Are you sick?"

"I have a bit of a cold." Ming Lang said in a low voice, "I'm not in China right now, I will send someone to investigate this matter immediately, don't worry." After she finished speaking, she couldn't help coughing again.

A burst of anger sent to the wrong person, and the subsequent questioning of the teacher was like being hit softly on a ball of cotton. Minglang seemed to be really ignorant, and behaved with a degree of advance and retreat, as if the two of them only knew each other but did not have a deep friendship. Ji Chenli was at a loss as to what to do, so he could only reply in embarrassment: "Oh, good."

"Chenli, you have anything else to do?" Minghong actually wanted to ask how Ji Chenli's body was recovering during this time. In fact, she was paying attention to Ji Chenli's situation every day, but she just wanted to hear more about Ji Chenli You can directly ask about Ji Chenli's body, and it seems to be too close. Minglang feels that getting along with Ji Chenli is like crossing a river with thin ice. There is a risk of cracking, so Ming Lang had to be careful, lest he really fall into the abyss and die forever.

"It's okay, don't bother me anymore, thank you." Ji Chenli said.

"Okay." Minghong lowered his eyes, a little disappointment leaked out from the slits in his eyes.

But Ji Chenli then added, "Don't hold back your cold, take your medicine on time, work and rest regularly, and drink plenty of hot water."

Minglang's eyes lit up immediately, and she hurriedly answered, even Xu Luyang could hear the joy in her voice.

Xu Luyang seldom saw Ming Lang lose her composure in the past, but since Ming Lang and Ji Chen divorced, she has lost her composure too often, so much that Xu Luyang couldn't help complaining about her boss in her heart. Those who are so indifferent to others are doing it, and they deserve it.

Ming Lang handed the phone to Xu Luyang, and lay back on the bed to sleep again, it was midnight in Paris time, Ming Lang had been arguing with those foreign ghosts for a day, just fell asleep, and was disturbed by Ji Chenli's phone call, probably this time Couldn't sleep anymore at night.

Xu Luyang took the phone out of Minglang's room, before hanging up the phone on the other end, hurriedly said: "Miss Ji, are you still there?"

"Yeah." Ji Chenli yelled at Xu Luyang without asking any questions before, and apologized a little embarrassedly, "Sorry, I just..."

"It's okay, I can understand." Xu Luyang smiled good-naturedly, and said again, "By the way, Miss Ji, from what you just said, I think you probably have some misunderstanding about Mr. Ming. She has traveled to several countries in the past few days Every night when I go back to the hotel, I fall asleep exhausted, and I have no time to care about domestic affairs.”

Ji Chenli knew that Xu Luyang's words were euphemistic, so he had to say this clearly, that is, "Mr. Ming is too busy with business, how can he spare time to trouble you, don't be persecuted for nothing. "Ji Chenli was embarrassed when he heard that, his face was red and white, so he had to apologize one after another: "I'm sorry, it's my fault this time, I'm really sorry."

Xu Luyang sighed again, "Miss Ji shouldn't have told me that, Mr. Ming has had a low fever for several days, and she was woken up by you just after she fell asleep. You know her sleeping habits, and I'm afraid she won't wake up in the middle of the night." Fa fell asleep."

Of course Ji Chenli knew that in her previous life, when Ming Lang occasionally lived in the Ming family's main house, Ji Chenli often sneaked in to peek at Ming Lang's sleep, but no matter how late she waited, every time she went in, Ming Lang lay on the bed with eyes wide open. It must have been opened, and his eyes were clear, as if he hadn't slept at all. At first, Ji Chenli thought that Ming Lang was just waiting to catch him, but after trying to please the housekeeper for more than a week, he found out that Ming Lang was a child. Practicing with her master, her ear sensitivity is much higher than that of ordinary people. As long as there is a little noise around her, she can't fall asleep. After being woken up halfway, she can't sleep that night, so her room is made of special soundproof materials. Even a No bedside clock.

At that time, Ji Chenli only cared about Minglang, never did the thing of peeking at people in the middle of the night, and looked for remedies everywhere, using himself as an experiment, and actually formulated a prescription for her, Ji Chenli made it himself Ming Lang never ate the food, so she gave the recipe to Ming’s cook, and asked him to make a cup for Ming Lang every night according to this recipe. Later, according to the housekeeper’s reaction, Ming Lang’s insomnia It really improved a lot, Ji Chenli was relieved, and a sense of happiness rose in his heart.

Thinking about how stupid I was at that time, people clearly disliked me for something, and I even shaved my head and worried about her, sharing such a little trouble for her, it was a great happiness.

Ji Chenli laughed at himself in his heart, then turned to Xu Luyang on the other end of the phone and said, "Miss Xu, do you have longan and red dates?"

"Yes, what's the matter?"

"Please heat up a cup of milk, add two longan and one red date, and then add half a teaspoon of honey. When the milk is warm, send it to Ming Lang. This cures insomnia."

"Okay, I'll get it right away, Miss Ji really cares about Mr. Ming, she even has such a prescription."

Ji Chenli felt a bit blocked when he heard this, and hung up the phone hastily without saying anything.

It's not that he cares about Ming Lang, Ji Chenli said to himself, he made a wrong call today, he made arbitrariness without investigating anything, this prescription told her assistant, it's as compensation for Ming Lang.

Xu Luyang made Minghong a cup of warm milk according to Ji Chenli's prescription. She was awake when she brought it into Minglang's room. Handed it to Ming Lang, Ming Lang only took a sip before laughing, "Chenli taught you the recipe?"

"Hmm." Xu Luyang wanted to ask Minghong how he knew about it, but then he thought again, this is the recipe that Ji Chenli specially prepared for her according to Minglang's insomnia, how could Minglang not know, Xu Luyang thought, this There are so many scenes between the young couple. They obviously love each other to the bone marrow, but they are so stubborn. Either Ming Hong is stubborn or Ji Chenli is stubborn. Somehow, they are getting divorced. Really, is it fun?

"Too much honey is added, it's not the taste that Chen Li made." But it's somewhat similar, Ming Lang disgusted, drank the glass of milk and licked his lips, "Anything else? "

Xu Luyang has been with Minglang for many years, and has never seen Minglang show a particularly great interest in a certain food. This glass of milk is just added with some longan, red dates and honey. How can it have such a great magic power? Seeing Minglang's greedy mouth, even Xu Luyang couldn't help swallowing, "Is it really that delicious?"

"It's not bad, it's far worse than what Chenli did." Ming Lang said.

In the past, Ji Chenli often boiled this kind of milk for Ming Lang to drink. She asked the housekeeper to keep it secret, but the housekeeper is the housekeeper of the Ming family, so how could he listen to Ji Chenli? I have already told Ming Lang everything. It's not a magical prescription, but after Ming Lang drank it, he felt that he really slept much more solidly than before.

"..." Xu Luyang thought, it would be nice to have some to drink, so why not ask your wife to cook for you if you are so disgusted with it, but she didn't dare to say this in front of Minghong, she made a silent complaint in her heart, and Mingyu fell down Rinse your mouth with a glass of water, clean up and go out.

Minglang's mouth was still filled with the aroma of longan, red dates and milk. She smacked her lips and raised her head to look at the moon hanging on the old tree outside the window.