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The results of the land bidding for Xixiang and Dongdong were made public at the same time, causing public uproar for a while. These two lands set the highest land prices in C City. Xixiang was acquired by the Qu family without any suspense. Qu Hefeng was in his CEO's office, Leaning on his comfortable leather chair, smiling complacently, he couldn't wait to show off in front of Minghong, he twisted on the leather chair impatiently, as if there was something piercing on it, he couldn't sit still all the time not go down.

But in the end, he suppressed his temper, forced himself to stay in the chair, maintained an elegant and decent posture of the winner, and waited for Minglang to come to question him—preferably with anger that could explode at any time.

City C is near the sea and has been a natural port since ancient times. At one o'clock in the morning, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ji Chenli stood by the abandoned old port, wearing a pure black hooded cardigan, with a medium-sized suitcase beside his leg.

Even though the weather was still hot during the day, after all it was autumn, and it was still at the beach. In the middle of the night, the cold and humid sea breeze took away the last bit of heat from the sun, and a wave of waves rolled over. Ji Chenli finally shivered.

She stood facing the sea, and in front of her was a huge full moon, bright and full, and the sea was like a huge tray, holding up this bright and cold moon high, and sprinkled a cloud of light on the dark sea level. Sparkling, everything is shrouded in a soft halo, dreamy and beautiful.

Ji Chenli had no intention of admiring it, she stood like a statue, her eyes fixed on a certain direction of the sea, and she gripped the handle of the suitcase at her feet.

The moment before the dawn is always the darkest, Ji Chenli's hand holding the lever is dripping with cold sweat, as long as tonight, after tonight, Minglang will never find himself again.

Ji Chenli never thought that he would have a day when his calculations would be clear. Once this day comes, everything seems to make sense again.

It was Ming Lang's fault.

Ji Chenli thought blankly, this is the retribution she deserves.

The fake divorce is just the trigger for Ji Chenli to realize the disparity in status between himself and Minghong, and what really detonates everything is Minghong's pressing step by step.

The planning was just right, so thorough, everything was disguised as a coincidence, and Ji Chenli fell into her trap unknowingly, even willingly.

A chance meeting in Europe, a hotel with fully booked rooms, and an inexplicable and sudden high fever, Ji Chenli sneered, pouring a little sea breeze into his mouth, with a faint salty taste.

Ming Lang probably really thought that he was a fool who could be fooled casually.

The low-key and ordinary bartender in the bar, the passer-by reading the newspaper in front of the coffee shop, the shower head in the bathroom was turned on for two hours, when Ji Chen left to touch it, the water pipe was freezing cold, until Ming Lang hugged her and said "" Let me love you this time." Ji Chenli felt the coldness in his palm go straight to his heart through his blood, and his internal organs were all frozen.

What Ming Lang hugged her was not an arm, but a net tightened bit by bit, wrapping Ji Chenli layer upon layer, unable to even move.

It was only then that Ji Chenli realized that the "freedom" and "letting go" he thought were just an illusion created by Ming Lang to confuse himself by loosening the rope on his hands a little.

The chain is still there, whenever Minglang gets impatient and tightens the rope at any time, his neck will be strangled tightly, his life will be a problem, let alone talking about other things.

Ji Chenli doesn't know if Minglang has love for her, probably not, but he still feels a little guilty.

Those rotten wounds that he didn't want to recall, Ji Chenli deliberately opened them up to the flesh, and exposed them naked to Minglang's eyes, just for Minglang's guilt to be deeper, deeper, and Minglang couldn't be more guilty. Willing to let her go, the two of them can only be together, torturing each other, whoever collapses first will be the loser, Ji Chenli has already lost once, it is impossible to lose a second time.

Finding Qu Hefeng is Ji Chenli's only option. Ming Lang has a way to find her and bring her back to any place through any formal channel. Only when she disappears without leaving any news, can Ming Lang disappear without a trace.

Let me explain that Ming Lang will be devastated for a while after going through this change, and when she has the time to pay attention to herself, she will have disappeared in some unknown corner. With such a great ability, catch yourself again.

The old pier in City C is one of the loosest and most chaotic boundaries, where all kinds of capable and ineffective businesses are mixed. This is a dark corner where the sun doesn't shine. Occasionally, one or two people disappear, and the police don't bother to take care of them.

Ji Chenli is waiting for a "fishing boat" that will go out to sea tonight. That boat will take her to the high seas, and then there will naturally be other boats to pick her up.

The agreed time was two o'clock in the morning, Ji Chenli kept looking at the watch, the hour hand was getting closer and closer, and her hands were sweating more and more, until finally her palms were so slippery that she couldn't even hold the lever.

Suddenly there was a strong wind, and the waves crashed against the nearby rocks. Ji Chen was startled, and his hands lost strength.

One fifty-five in the morning, one fifty-six...

Ji Chenli stared at the ticking second hand, and her heart beat faster and faster. Her heartbeat quickly surpassed the speed of the second hand, five minutes, longer than a century.

One fifty-nine, two o'clock.

When the appointed time came, Ji Chenli looked up at the sea, the sea wind was still howling, the waves were rolling, not to mention the boat, there was not even a plastic bag, her hand was on the position of her heart, and she tightly clenched a piece of plastic bag on the black hoodie. Cotton fabric, five fingers embedded in it, quickly tore a hole in the clothes.

Could it be that Qu Hefeng played tricks on him? Or... or was Ming Lang seen through, and the plan failed? Ji Chenli's mind was filled with messy thoughts, she clutched her chest, almost out of breath in the sea breeze.

Until, a fishing boat came from the direction of the sea level, the fishing boat was dangling among the waves, Ji Chenli was terrified watching it, but in the end it sailed safely in the direction of the old horse's head, and landed steadily.

In an instant, all the thoughts in Ji Chenli's mind disappeared, she instinctively pulled up her suitcase, ran into the boat without hesitation, and hurriedly grabbed the arm of the strange man on the boat: "Let's go! Let's go! "

Her heart was beating like thunder, her eyes were red and roaring, as if there was some man-eating beast behind her, and it was about to pounce on her and tear her apart, "I told you to set sail! Hurry up and set sail—" Ji Chenli shook the boat hoarsely The strange man who didn't say a word, his eyeballs almost popped out.

Finally, as she wished, the boat moved slowly, heading away from the port, and sank into the sea in the night.

Ji Chenli panted heavily, looked at the pier that was getting farther and farther away from him, his knees softened, and he knelt down on the ground.

It's over, Ji Chenli thought, everything is over.

Fuck Minglang, **** the love that has been entangled for two lifetimes, Ji Chenli doesn't want anything—she doesn't even want family affection, she abandons everything, just to stay away from that unforgettable memory, farther away.

The sea breeze was still bitter and salty, Ji Chenli stood up while supporting the side of the boat, and laughed while lying on the side of the boat, letting the bitter and salty sea breeze pour into her mouth, tears streaming down her face, she tasted a little sweetness in the bitterness and saltiness.

"Are you waiting for me?" A voice came from behind Ji Chenli.

Ji Chenli trembled all over, laughing stiffly in his throat.

Qu Hefeng calmly waited for Minglang's coming anger, or Mingyan, or even Han Xinyuan, whatever, whoever is fine, Qu Hefeng couldn't wait to taunt these people with a victorious posture, these people who had weighed him down since he was a child people.

Especially Ming Lang, this person has oppressed him for twenty years, it's time for him to taste the taste of failure.


One hour, two hours... One morning passed, and the phone in Qu Hefeng's office was as quiet as dead. He neither waited for the congratulations from his partner or the compliment from his grandfather, nor did he wait for an angry call from any member of the Ming family.

what happened? A little anxiety rose in Qu Hefeng's heart.

Then, a news feed popped up on his computer.

[The Chengxi transfer station of Metro Line 5 in our city will start construction in February next year. ]

Qu Hefeng thought he didn't see clearly, so he focused his eyes and looked over, Chengxi.

It's not West Lane, it's not Hedong, it's the west of the city.

The development rights to the west of the city were originally jointly owned by Qu and Ming, but the place is too remote and has no commercial value, and it is difficult to withdraw funds in the short term. Qu Hefeng transferred it to an overseas company half a year ago.

Qu Hefeng's complexion was iron, as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

Mingyan sat in her vice president's office, drank the Longjing tea made for her by Xu Luyang himself, put her feet on the desk, and smiled coldly as she watched the push notifications on the computer screen.

What is Qu Hefeng's expression now? Looking like dirt? Face ashen? Or throw things in a rage at the office?

Everyone thinks that Ming Yan is an ignorant second-generation ancestor who has been relying on Ming Lang's support to get into trouble everywhere since she was a child. Anyway, Ming Lang is behind her, and someone will always take care of her.

Mingyan heard too many rumors in private. The two daughters of the Ming family turned against each other because of a woman, and the Ming family was in Mingyan's hands.

Everyone has forgotten that Mingyan and Minglang, no matter how much trouble they have, are always named Ming. Even Han Xinyuan said that the eldest sister will always be the eldest sister, and the relationship of a family cannot be spoiled because of outsiders. Mingyan is the best at judging the situation. I can't even see this.

The development right of West Lane finally fell into the hands of the Qu family, while the land price in Hedong was scrambled to 4 billion, and was finally jointly taken by the Wang family and the Yuan family. Soon they will find that the gold they got has turned into sand, and City C will eventually It still fell into the hands of the Ming family.

"Now, congratulations to the vice president." Xu Luyang congratulated Mingyan with a smile.

"It's all planned by Ming Lang, what's the fun." Ming Yan snorted coldly.

Ming Lang is still her eldest sister, but the relationship has been broken, and no matter how much she repairs it, she can't make it back to the original state.

The sea wind was very strong, Ji Chenli didn't have time to close her wide open mouth, the sea wind poured into her belly, it was cold from the inside out, she shivered and turned her head tremblingly.

In the night, a woman in a black windbreaker, her half-length hair messed up by the sea breeze, with her hands in her pockets, smiled at Ji Chenli, a corner of her white teeth was exposed, and disappeared quickly, ready to bite Ji Chen off at any time. from the neck.

Ming Lang walked slowly, circled Ji Chenli from behind, resting his chin on Ji Chenli's shoulder, the man's jaw was so hard that it hurt Ji Chenli's shoulder.

"Chenli, as I said, you can punish me however you want."

"However, you cannot escape."