MTL - Human Greed - C.106 go homeMar 08, 2023

MTL - Human Greed

C.106 go homeMar 08, 2023

When Su Yi heard Li Chen talking about being drunk, she subconsciously looked at Xu Ruoxing, but Xu Ruoxing still looked at Li Chen without saying a word. Su Yi asked in a low voice, "Are you crazy about drinking?" She turned her gaze back: "You?"

Li Chen had a headache: "Yeah."

Su Yi asked even more quietly: "Then you slept with your aunt?"

After Xu Ruoxing covered Su Yi's mouth, Li Chen also raised his head and looked at the two of them, apparently not understanding why Su Yi thought that drinking madness meant sleeping together, but seeing Xu Ruoxing covering her mouth.

It is estimated that the two of them are not less 'crazy with alcohol'.

She let out a muffled cough: "It's just playing drunk."

Xu Ruoxing let out a soft voice, with an inexplicable meaning in his tone, Li Chen has been friends for many years, how can he not hear it, she glanced at Xu Ruoxing, bowed her head to eat the dumplings.

His face was buried in the bowl.

Just as she knew Xu Ruoxing, Xu Ruoxing also knew her, how could the ordinary drunken madness deserve her to 'reminisce' for so long now, but Li Chen would never offend Su Yuran's temper, at most - hugs and kisses.

The atmosphere in the living room was a bit awkward, the three of them had their own thoughts, Su Yi was covered by Xu Ruoxing, she slowly pulled Xu Ruoxing's hand, and asked in a low voice: "Isn't it?"

Xu Ruoxing shook his head.

According to what she knew about Li Chen, if the two really had a relationship, Li Chen would not open the door today, and would not meet them at all. Don't look at this person who is usually well-rounded and has a wide social circle. He seems to be able to chat with anyone Come on, in fact, her emotional aspect is blank, she is very innocent.

Li Chen listened to the two people's unabashed chat, and ate the dumplings in silence. He ate quickly and choked several times. It was Xu Ruoxing who handed her water to let her go.

After dinner, Li Chen went to wash the dishes, when the phone rang, Xu Ruoxing called, "Li Chen."

Li Chen turned his head, Xu Ruoxing raised his chin: "Mobile phone."

Seeing the flickering screen, Su Yi said, "It's your sister."

Li Chen paused, turned around immediately, didn't wash off the foam on his hands, just took out a piece of tissue to wipe it off, and took the phone from the coffee table.

He didn't speak after connecting, but listened to what the other end said, and finally asked: "What time?"

The other end said a few more words, and Li Chen said, "Understood."

She hung up the phone.

Xu Ruoxing looked at her, Li Chen said: "She went abroad today." Li Chen was not in a good mood, so he forced a smile: "Morning."

Su Yi looked at Xu Ruoxing and sat beside her, not knowing what to comfort her.

She remembered that when she heard Li Chen mention her aunt for the first time, she was very tense. At that time, her aunt forced her to go on a blind date, and she was very angry. Now that she heard the news of her leaving, she was so peaceful.

Su Yi asked, "Are you okay?"

Li Chen said: "It's okay." She was sitting on the sofa with her mobile phone beside her, Su Yi looked at her like this, and suddenly remembered that when she went abroad before, it was the same when she heard about Xu Ruoxing again.

Not because of letting go, but because of being pressed in the deepest part of my heart by her.

Li Chen, this seems to be the case now.

She became more silent.

Li Chen sat for a few seconds, then got up: "I'll cut some fruit for you."

Seeing this, Xu Ruoxing and Su Yi glanced at each other. No one came forward. In the quiet room, Li Chen was cutting fruit in the kitchen, his figure was lonely. A few seconds later, Xu Ruoxing found the audio switch. She turned on the audio, and a soothing voice sounded in the living room. music.

Li Chen paused.

This is Su Yuran's favorite music. She has never been able to enjoy it, but she still buys it and listens to it repeatedly. She has done many things like this.

Are you moved?

Not really.

This is just a habit carved into her bones.

Li Chen made preparations for her to leave yesterday, went to work, pretended to be the same as usual, sent Su Yi off work, and had dinner with her, but the moment she saw Su Yuran after drinking, she knew that those disguises were broken.

Su Yuran didn't even need to do anything, she lost everything.

Now she's really gone.

There was a void in Li Chen's heart, there was no wind, but it felt chilly.

She had been cutting fruit for a long time, and when she returned, she saw Su Yi and Xu Ruoxing talking in a low voice, so she handed over the fruit plate and said, "Go back after eating, it's getting late."

Xu Ruoxing looked up at her, and after a few seconds, nodded: "Okay."

Su Yi still wanted to talk, but when Xu Ruoxing held her hand, she was silent and didn't speak again. After they ate the fruit, Li Chen turned on the TV and played it as background music. In fact, she didn't quite hear what was playing. She said, "Are you resting at home these two days?"

Li Chen turned her head: "No, I can go back to work tomorrow morning."

Xu Ruoxing said: "Alright then, you will be responsible for the lawsuit over Huaihai."

Li Chen had no objection. When sending Xu Ruoxing and Su Yi to the elevator, she looked at the people in the elevator, nodded, and said, "Thank you." Xu Ruoxing smiled, relieved, and went back to the car with Su Yi.

Su Yi was still worried: "Is Li Chen going to be okay?"

Xu Ruoxing said: "No."

Su Yi glanced at the elevator, returned to the car and said, "I thought her aunt was not leaving."

Looking at Su Yuran's appearance yesterday, it was not indifferent, maybe their relationship was not because Li Chen was hot, Su Yuran also had feelings, but why did she still leave?

Xu Ruoxing looked at her, sitting in the car, suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Su Yi, and said, "I remember the first time I saw her aunt, it was Li Chen who was fighting with others at school."

Su Yi listened intently.

Xu Ruoxing said: "The beating was very fierce that time, and the teacher was shocked, and then he was called a parent."

"Because others scolded Li Chenye's child, no one wanted her, saying that she was tough and killed her parents." Xu Ruoxing said: "I remember that when she came to school that day, her attitude was very tough, and she must apologize."

Xu Ruoxing didn't have a deep impression of Li Chen at that time, but it was that time that she met Li Chen.

At that time, Su Yuran was young, standing next to Li Chen, more like her sister, but she did not lose her aura when facing the teacher and another student's parent. She stood in front of the provocative child with a tense face. face, said unhurriedly: "Apologize to Li Chen."

The classmate wanted to cry when she saw her, and then he was reprimanded by his mother and apologized weepingly.

Su Yuran stood in front of his mother, facing an adult, but she seemed more calm, stable, and showed no signs of timidity. The parent obviously wanted to say something to Li Chen, but was shocked by Su Yuran's aura, and was stunned. Nothing was said.

In the end, the child left crying. All the classmates in the class knew that Li Chen had a very vicious aunt and could not mess with her.

Xu Ruoxing was a little funny when she said this, she looked at Su Yi and said, "Then I met her again at the corner of the teaching building."

Su Yi looked at Xu Ruoxing.

Xu Ruoxing shook her hand.

It was class, she went to the bathroom because of a stomachache, walked to the corner and met Li Chen and Su Yuran, she didn't go forward, but stood at the corner, and heard Su Yuran say: "Li Chen, I'm here today The teacher and your classmates get angry in front of you, not to save face for you, but because your classmates did something wrong, but you have to know that you really don’t have parents. This is a fact. No matter how wronged you are, you can’t change the fact. Rumors, there will be many, many, you can't solve it with quarrels and fights every time, you should try another solution."

Then she left.

Li Chen was sitting on the stairs in the aisle, she waited for Su Yuran to leave before walking over to greet Li Chen.

Xu Ruoxing said: "Her aunt is different from her. Her aunt is very rational." After she finished speaking, she squeezed the back of Su Yi's hand and continued: "She didn't leave because she wanted to escape her relationship with Li Chen, on the contrary, she was face to face."

Su Yi didn't understand and looked at her with a frown.

Xu Ruoxing said: "Li Chen never left her."

With just one sentence, Su Yi understood.

He has never left, and they are all within reach. Li Chen can really guarantee his liking, is it pure liking, or is it because of years of habit?

Su Yuran's departure is not only helping Li Chen to confirm, but also helping her to confirm herself.

Su Yi said, "Her aunt is very different."

Xu Ruoxing smiled, looked at Su Yi, and said nothing.

Su Yi noticed her eyes, and was a little inexplicable: "What's wrong?"

Xu Ruoxing said, "You are also very different."

Su Yi's face was a little annoyed by what she said, she lowered her head and urged, "Drive."

Xu Ruoxing let go of her hand, the car slowly left the community, Su Yi sat in the car, occasionally looking out of the car window, after being with Xu Ruoxing, her life has been enriched a lot, Xu Ruoxing will take her to meet friends and meet new people , I will tell her about the past, and when she came out from her grandma today, she was actually very uncomfortable. The extravagant hopes from childhood were crushed by Pei Yiran and Su Changhe, leaving no fantasies.

But Xu Ruoxing didn't give her a lot of uncomfortable time, she dragged herself to see Li Chen, she told herself Li Chen's stories, those stories dilute the sadness in her heart and make her feel calmer.

For the first time, she used a calm mind to think about her parents.

Su Yi turned to look at Xu Ruoxing.

Xu Ruoxing put both hands on the steering wheel, and the cuffs were folded up two times, exposing her slender wrists. The watch with the starry sky interior was shining with broken diamonds. She was wearing a ring on her hand. It was just a pair of hands, which made Su Yi feel Incomparably familiar and warm, she stared at it for a long time, and when she was waiting for the traffic lights, she suddenly took Xu Ruoxing's hand.

Xu Ruoxing turned her head without making a sound, seeing Su Yi holding her hand, inserting her fingers into the crevice of her hand, in a very light and slow gesture, her heart beat out of rhythm: "Su Yi?"

Su Yi hummed lightly, raised her eyes to look at Xu Ruoxing, and suddenly squeezed Xu Ruoxing's hand tightly, her palm was scorching hot, like her feelings for Xu Ruoxing, the volcano hidden under the cold peak, was about to erupt.

The temperature in the car rose, and Su Yi's fingertips scraped the back of Xu Ruoxing's hand. She lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Xu Ruoxing."

Xu Ruoxing's heart tightened, and she looked at Su Yi. In the dim car, she couldn't see clearly, but she could feel the surging emotions fermenting, like a net, tightly encircling her, filled with Su Yi's breath, she Unable to resist, he just echoed softly: "Huh?"

Su Yi asked her with a tense voice: "Can we not go home tonight?"