MTL - Human Greed - C.54 HeartbeatMar 08, 2023

MTL - Human Greed

C.54 HeartbeatMar 08, 2023

With the entry of Xu Ruoxing, the atmosphere of the meeting became serious. Although Xu Ruoxing was wandering too far away, she kept looking at Su Yi from the corner of her eye. Su Yi was drawing with her head down, sweeping the pen tip on the paper. She was drawing very seriously, as if she was not listening to the report , but every time the team leader asked a question, she would raise her eyes and make a corresponding choice.

As soon as Su Yi entered the working state, she was so rigorous and serious, unlike her, who just sat next to Su Yi and was in a mess. Xu Ruoxing listened to the report attentively.

After the first group reported, the second group continued, and Su Yi's draft was also finished. She put it aside, and Xu Ruoxing turned his head to look at it. It was still a summer dress, with a swaying long skirt, more like a dress.

Before the report was over, Xu Ruoxing received a message from her assistant, and she said to the manager: "The contents of the report are sorted out and sent to me."

The manager nodded in response, and Su Yi stopped writing, with a silent expression. Just now Xu Ruoxing sat beside her and tried her best not to look at her. Ever since she knew that the two of them were married by agreement, she felt sorry for Xu Ruoxing. After a lot of hardships, maybe it was because of the convenience that she agreed to get married at the beginning, but she accidentally caused her a lot of trouble.

Su Yi lowered her head, and didn't write any more after Xu Ruoxing left.

After the meeting, she asked the first and second groups to send all the designed works to her office, and the assistant greeted her at the door: "Director Su, I have an appointment with Tao Yue at nine o'clock."

Su Yi nodded, and saw a figure enter the manager's office aggressively.

The assistant muttered, "Why is she here?"

Su Yi felt familiar, and asked, "Who is it?"

"It's Zhao San, who is also the company's model, but she seldom comes to the company." The assistant said, "It's too airy."

Because behind her is her brother, a modeling agency, so everyone sells her face in s.x. Even Li Chen won't flirt with her in the open. Because of this, Zhao San's temper is getting bigger and bigger. It's the designer who chooses the fitting model. She's lucky. She chooses the designer herself. That's fine. She's also picky, so no one wants to ask her to be a fitting model. Su Yi just took a look and didn't take it seriously. After nine o'clock , Tao Yue didn't come to the office, that's why she felt something was wrong.

Tao Yue arrived at the company at 8:30 and wanted to go directly to Su Yi, but she didn't want to answer the manager's phone call and asked her to go to the office first. Tao Yue didn't know what happened, and only saw Zhao San in the office , her face sank, Zhao San smiled: "Yo, here you go, sit down."

This posture, as if the office belonged to her, Tao Yue was so angry that she didn't sit down, and asked the manager what was the matter, but the manager didn't speak, Zhao San said: "I heard that you are going to be a fitting model for Director Su? Can you do it?"

Tao Yue couldn't bear it anymore: "What does it have to do with you!"

"Why doesn't it have anything to do with me?" Zhao San said, "Does Director Su know about your character?"

Tao Yueqi's eyes were red. Last time she was encouraged by Su Yi, she was worried that she didn't know how to repay her. Yesterday, she heard that Su Yi hand-picked herself as a fitting model. She didn't know how happy she was. She spent two hours at home picking and choosing After putting on her makeup, Tao Yue held back her anger, knowing that she couldn't cause trouble for Su Yi, so she could only say: "Zhao San, the matter about your boyfriend has nothing to do with me, I don't know him well at all... "

"I'm not familiar, I'm going to sleep on the same bed, I'm still not familiar, what? How many times are you going to sleep?!" Zhao San's slander was full of sarcasm, Tao Yue clenched her hands tightly, her body trembling: " Zhao San! Don't spout blood!"

"I spitting blood on people?" Zhao San raised his lips: "Doing this kind of thing, are you afraid of people saying it? A **** is..."

Tao Yue raised her hand high, thinking of the consequences of the beating, she froze in place, the manager frowned, very displeased: "What are you making a fuss about! Stop it!"

Zhao San said aggrievedly: "No trouble, manager, you don't know, she robbed my boyfriend!"

"Is there any evidence?" A cold voice interrupted their conversation, the door was pushed open, Su Yi stood at the door, looking at Zhao San: "There is evidence, she stole your boyfriend?"

Zhao San knew Su Yi. He had met Su Yi several times before at dinner parties. His wife, the proprietress, would not dare to make a mistake. She softened her voice and said, "Of course, everyone knows."

Su Yi said: "Everyone knows, but it doesn't mean there is evidence."

Seeing the tense atmosphere, the manager immediately walked up to Su Yi and shouted, "Director Su, why are you here?"

Su Yi said, "Let's see, what's the situation now?"

The manager has a headache: "Zhao San heard that you are looking for a fitting model, so you insist on letting me arrange it for her."

Li Chen usually doesn't blush with Zhao San. He is a manager, so he doesn't have much to say. Su Yi nodded after hearing that, "I'll handle it."

The manager sighed, but still told Su Yi: "Director Su, Mr. Xu has a show this month, and her brother's company has invited people. I'm afraid it's not easy to explain to offend her."

Su Yi's face changed slightly: "Mr. Xu?"

The manager nodded. If it wasn't for these situations, Zhao San alone would have nothing to deal with. What is difficult to deal with is the relationship behind her. This is also the reason why Zhao San dared to be domineering. Su Yi saw both Zhao San and Tao Yue. Looking at herself, after listening to the manager's words, she was silent for a moment, and said, "Tao Yue, you go back first, and wait for my news."

Zhao San showed a triumphant smile, but before he could speak, Su Yi said, "Miss Zhao should go back too."

Her name was Tao Yue, but she called her Miss Zhao.

There was a difference in terms of address. Zhao San was slightly unhappy, but he didn't say much. He just gave Tao Yue a cold snort, turned his head and left. Tao Yue walked up to Su Yi and said, "Thank you Director Su."

This is the second time, this is her helping herself, the second time.

Su Yi said, "Let's go back first."

Tao Yue knew that she was also in a difficult situation. If Zhao San and Li Chen went to fight, Li Chen would probably sacrifice herself. Just now, Su Yi didn't directly agree, and she already gave her enough face. She nodded, and the manager said after she left: "It's a pity for a good seedling."

Su Yi watched Tao Yue leave without saying a word.

After returning to the office, she looked at the designs of the two groups, still thinking about Tao Yue's incident, recalling Tao Yue's eyes, she sat for a few minutes and decided to go upstairs to find Xu Ruoxing.

Xu Ruoxing had just signed a document, when he heard a knock on the door, he thought it was the secretary, and called in, but unexpectedly it was Su Yi.

The person who sat next to her just now and didn't look at her for a second, now stood quietly in front of her, Xu Ruoxing asked: "What's wrong?"

The voice was still so nice, and she could easily confuse people. Su Yi forced herself to focus on business. She lowered her head and said, "Do you have time? I want to talk to you about fitting models."

Xu Ruoxing had to go out in half an hour, she looked at her watch and nodded: "Okay, sit down."

Su Yi turned her head and saw that the sofa was newly replaced and softer than before. After she sat down, Xu Ruoxing poured her a glass of water and asked, "What's wrong with the fitting model?"

Li Chen is usually responsible for these things, she rarely asks questions, Su Yi briefly explained the matter, Xu Ruoxing didn't reply to her immediately, but said: "I'll ask Li Chen to come over."

Just as Li Chen lay down, she ran over immediately after receiving a call from Xu Ruoxing, and frowned when she heard Su Yi's words: "Why are you here to make trouble again, last time she went to Xiuzhan, she said she would not trouble Tao Yue."

Xu Ruoxing looked at her with displeasure in her eyes. Li Chen's scalp felt numb when she saw her eyes, and she laughed dryly, "Mr. Xu, you also know that if the water is clear, there will be no fish, and we can't really be fair and impartial." Ah, what happened to Zhao San last time, I know, she promised me not to trouble Tao Yue when she came back."

After finishing speaking, he looked at Su Yi: "I went to find you?"

Su Yi said, "I'm looking for Manager Yao."

Li Chen wanted to swear, but held back, Xu Ruoxing said, "I can't promise her."

Once some people started, their appetite would get bigger and bigger. Maybe Zhao San didn't agree to her unreasonable request at the beginning, and now he wouldn't be so arrogant. He even started arguing with the manager. Xu Ruoxing couldn't laugh.

Li Chen moistened her lips: "Understood, I'll talk to her again, at least get over this show, and we'll have to contact Ryan soon, so there shouldn't be any problems with the show."

Xu Ruoxing knew her scruples and nodded, Su Yi interjected: "Does the model have to be from her brother's agency?"

Li Chen was stunned by the sudden question, and explained with a smile: "Of course not, but the models in her brother's company are all relatively well-known domestically. You also know the current situation of our s.x. Ability to challenge them."

Su Yi nodded, she probably understood, and she asked again: "Then, can we invite international models?"

"Of course that's good." Li Chen couldn't open his eyes with a smile: "But I can't invite you, we haven't fully understood it in our country, and we haven't..."

Su Yi said, "I can invite you."

Like a broken sentence, it stopped abruptly, Li Chen's smile just now was slapped, stiff on the face, very funny, for a few seconds, she blinked and looked at Su Yi: "What?"

Even Xu Ruoxing looked at her, Su Yi said: "I can give it a try, I worked with them in Desina before, and I also contacted them after returning to China."

The main reason is that they liked her works very much before. When they knew she was going back to China, they even held a party for her to express their reluctance. Although Su Yi has a cold temper, she does not understand basic etiquette. I will also chat a few words in the group.

Li Chen asked nervously: "Really?" Then she felt as if she was questioning Su Yi, she quickly waved her hand: "I don't doubt you..."

"I know." Su Yi said, "I'm not sure either, I'll try to contact them first."

Li Chen's heartbeat was about to burst out, her excited eyes couldn't be suppressed, her eyebrows were dancing, she said: "Good, good, good contact!" After speaking, she looked at Xu Ruoxing: "Where did you go to find such a powerful wife, she hides her deeply enough what!"

Xu Ruoxing pursed his lips.

She didn't know that Su Yi had these relationships. Li Chen didn't realize that after she had finished speaking, the atmosphere in the office cooled down a bit. She took a deep breath and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. Xu Ruoxing shook her head lightly when she saw her excited state, and said to Su Yi: "Let's get in touch first, don't leak the news."

Su Yi nodded and looked at her. The sunlight refracted in from the floor-to-ceiling windows and fell on Xu Ruoxing's body, adding layer after layer of halo. Xu Ruoxing lowered his eyes, and after speaking, he and Su Yi habitually looked at each other. In an instant, Su Yi's heart skipped a beat. Her eyes flicked from the tip of Xu Ruoxing's nose to her thin lips, and then down. The beautiful jawline, the white shirt buttoned to the first button, was the same style as yesterday, and her heart beat faster and faster. .

Now it has reached the point where I can't hold back my heartbeat when I see Xu Ruoxing.

Does empathy work?

Or, she fell in love with Xu Ruoxing the first time she saw Xu Ruoxing after amnesia, it had nothing to do with empathy, it was just because she fell in love with Xu Ruoxing at first sight. w Please keep in mind:,