MTL - Human Greed - C.62 kiss youMar 08, 2023

MTL - Human Greed

C.62 kiss youMar 08, 2023

It was only after Xu Ruoxing answered that he realized that he spoke too quickly. It felt a little unnecessary to ask why now, but he seemed embarrassed if he didn’t ask. She was cold. Su Yi touched her pillow and was shocked by joy. Xu Ruoxing didn’t notice She said: "Then I will sleep in the study tonight."

The voice sounded more viscous than usual.

I don't know if it was Xu Ruoxing's illusion, but her ears were burning, and she said, "Well, good."

Su Yi pinched the phone, and waited for a long time without waiting for her to ask why, did she not care, or did she acquiesce in her getting closer? Su Yi's heart was pounding, she wasn't sure what Xu Ruoxing meant, she couldn't see anyone, she couldn't even guess the expression.

A voice came from Xu Ruoxing's end, and Su Yi asked, "Are you still working?"

"I'm going to see Mr. Qi from Ryan in a while." Xu Ruoxing said, "Then I'll hang up first."

Su Yi said: "Okay."

Putting down the phone, Su Yi's palm was warm. She lifted the quilt and wanted to get in, but then thought she hadn't taken a shower yet, so she just burrowed into the pillow for a while and went to the bathroom.

Xu Ruoxing had just hung up on Su Yi's phone and received a message from Li Chen: 【I got the key. 】

She replied briefly: [Yes. 】

Li Chen is sitting in the car. Su Yuran has been coming off work late recently. She has recently been following a report about an explosion. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but because some economic disputes are involved behind the accident, someone has been In suppressing this matter, Su Yuran also received a lot of harassment because she insisted on reporting. This is also the reason why she decided to move.

Li Chen was very worried about her, and came to see Su Yuran whenever she was free recently.

Although Su Yuran didn't want to see her.

Sure enough, when Su Yuran walked out of the broadcasting building, she saw that the car outside stopped and did not move. The colleague beside her said, "Sister Ran, see you tomorrow."

Su Yuran smiled: "See you tomorrow."

A colleague followed up behind him: "Sister Ran, isn't that your kid?"

Su Yuran was a little helpless, still smiling politely: "Yeah." She walked to Li Chen's car with a faintly unhappy expression: "Why are you here?"

She frowned slightly, her eyes were serious, and although she was off work, she always maintained her own image, her hair was tucked behind her ears, and she was meticulous. The black professional suit was more capable, and she put on light makeup. She took good care of herself. I am very demanding. Standing with Li Chen, I only feel more intellectual and mature, but I don't see a big age difference. Li Chen thought of the time when he went on a trip with Su Yuran, the tour guide who was only in his early twenties kept going. Calling Su Yuran's sister, she was so angry that she didn't eat for several days, and then she directly dragged Su Yuran home.

What happened not long ago now seems like a lifetime away.

At that time, Su Yuran was still willing to let her approach, but now he doesn't want to see her at all, Li Chen collected himself and said, "Take you to the house."

Su Yuran asked, "What house?"

Li Chen said: "I heard from my little sister that you are looking for a house. Ruoxing has a vacancy, and the security there is pretty good. Would you like to go and have a look?"

With a sullen face, Su Yuran said, "I'll take care of the house."

"What do you think?" Li Chen said: "You are so busy every day, you are either going to the scene or in the broadcasting building, how can you have time to see what house?" Realizing that his tone of voice was a bit harsh, Li Chen calmed down: " I've already discussed with Ruoxing about the house, and I'll just move in, she's living with her wife recently, so I won't bother her."

Hearing that Xu Ruoxing would not be troubled, Su Yuran fell silent, and Li Chen said, "Get in the car, I'll take you to have a look."

Su Yuran looked at Li Chen through the car window, nodded and got into the car.

This car was bought by Su Yuran for Li Chen. It was a present for her 20th birthday. She has been using it for several years. The maintenance is almost as good as new. The car smells like oranges. Su Yuran likes the smell of fruit very much. These are always prepared, and Li Chen has been influenced by her, and has loved them since she was a child.

The car was quiet, and the scenery outside the car window flashed by. Su Yuran asked: "The last time I went on a blind date, how was it?"

"It's pretty good." Li Chen said: "The other party is rich and good-looking, and he is satisfied with me. We also discussed going on vacation earlier, and maybe we can treat you to a wedding candy when we come back."

Su Yuran turned her head to look at Li Chen, knowing that she was speaking angry words, the blind date was arranged by her, knowing that Li Chen was unwilling, it was a bit excessive to force her to go, but she couldn't help it.

It is impossible for her to watch Li Chen make a wrong step, step by step.

After Li Chen finished speaking, she glanced at Su Yuran from the corner of her eye. Just as she was about to speak, Su Yuran's cell phone rang. She answered the phone, and the other party said, "Sister Ran, don't forget about the weekend."

Su Yuran said: "I will never forget."

The other party smiled: "I'm afraid you forgot, so I will call to remind you."

After Su Yuran asked for a specific time and place, he hung up the phone, and Li Chen said, "Colleague?"

With scouting.

Su Yuran turned her head, with a calm expression: "Well, it's a colleague who asked me to meet on the weekend."

Before Li Chen could speak, she took the initiative to explain: "Go on a blind date."

Li Chen clenched the steering wheel tightly, her body tensed up.

The two didn't speak again, Li Chen took Su Yuran into the community, went upstairs, and said, "This is the one."

Although Xu Ruoxing's place is not big, it is well-decorated, the environment is good, and the guest room is clean, so it looks very comfortable. Su Yuran nodded, and Li Chen gave her the key: "You can move your things here tomorrow. Well, do you want my help?"

Su Yuran flatly refused: "No need."

It was so merciless to refuse, without any hesitation, Li Chen's heart ached, she turned her head to look at Su Yuran, many memories of her childhood were about her, when Su Yuran just picked her up, Su Yuran still When she was in junior high school, what kind of brat could a junior high school child bring, but there was no way, Su Yuran said, she couldn't just watch her starve to death.

At that time, her mother died of dystocia. Her grandparents did not recognize the child and felt ashamed. They threw it to the man who had known her mother for less than two months. So Su Yuran, who was in junior high school, sent her back. Su Yuran sent her back. She was thrown outside by her grandfather. At night, she was so cold that she couldn't cry. Su Yuran saw how heartless her family was, so she sent her away. Carrying her home, she was reprimanded for a while, but in the end she followed Su Yuran.

The first thing Su Yuran did at work was to pick her up and buy her new clothes and a new schoolbag with her first month's salary. All her previous love was given to her.

Cultivate her greedy temperament.

As long as Su Yuran treats others well, she will show her teeth and claws in a demonstration, trying to regain all of Su Yuran's love.

Probably because she didn't know how to restrain herself, she was discovered by Su Yuran, and then she left the house to her. The two rarely saw each other. There were a few times when she pretended to be sick to meet Su Yuran. Those hidden thoughts became more depressed. The more lush it grows.

Finally, he didn't suppress it, and sent Su Yuran that message last week.

Su Yuran blocked her until now.

Li Chen said: "Understood, what can I do for you..."

Thinking that she was still blocked, she smiled wryly and didn't continue, and Su Yuran just kept looking at her, and didn't say a word to persuade her to stay at such a late hour.

In terms of being kind to her, Su Yuran ranked first, but in terms of being unfeeling to her, Su Yuran was still number one.

Li Chen sighed softly, bowed his head and told Su Yuran a few words, went downstairs, and habitually looked for Xu Ruoxing, wanting to ask her out for a drink, but then realized that she was still on a business trip, Li Chen pressed the phone, and she turned it on again after a while. .

Su Yi received a call from Li Chen and was about to take a shower, but Li Chen's voice was not energetic: "Would you like to come out for a drink?"

Her appearance made Su Yi a little worried, and said, "Come home."

Li Chen brought the wine to Su Yi's house, Su Yi dressed in daytime work attire, and made her two appetizers, Li Chen said: "Thank you, I don't want to go home alone, I wanted to have a drink with Ruoxing, she also not there."

Xu Ruoxing?

That man is not a good drinker.

Thinking of Xu Ruoxing, Su Yi's heart softened, and said, "I'll drink with you next time."

"Really?" Li Chen said: "That's good, if Ruoxing pours two glasses every time, no one wants to talk."

It really was Xu Ruoxing.

Su Yi picked up the cup and touched Li Chen, curious: "Didn't you send your aunt to the house?"

"Send it there." Li Chen said, "She won't let me stay there."

The tone was very unhappy, and he drank a glass of red wine as he spoke, and drank too much, the smell of wine rushed to his face, his eyes were red, Li Chen turned his head and said: "Su Yi, if someone you don't like , Is it annoying to pester you often?"

Are you talking about her aunt?

Su Yi lowered her head and held the cup, wanting to say that she was annoying, but she was afraid of hurting Li Chen, so she didn't say it directly, Li Chen said: "I think I'm annoying too."

But she couldn't help it, she couldn't help but want to care about Su Yuran, and she was restless when she heard a little news about her. Several times when Su Yuran encountered difficult reports, she would follow her every night to ensure that Su Yuran Don't worry until you get home.

She knows she's not normal.

But she wasn't a normal person.

Li Chen said, "Do you think I'm annoying?"

Su Yi shook her head and said, "I don't think so."

If she lived in Li Chen's world, she might not be better than Li Chen.

Li Chen took a sip of wine and said: "When I was four years old, the Su family asked me to go out. They didn't want me to follow her, thinking that I would hurt her reputation. On the day she went to school, they kicked me out. It was winter. , It was very cold, and I had nowhere to go, so I sat on the curb at the gate of the community. It snowed at night, and she came back from school to hug me. She said that she would go out to live with me after she went to work. "

She quarreled with her parents because of herself, and had a bad relationship with her brother, but she only caused trouble for her.

Li Chen said: "I'm really a wolf."

Su Yi didn't know how to comfort her.

Li Chen lowered her head.

It's wolf-hearted, it's dirty, it's bad intentions, it's evil that all adjectives can't describe, but she really can't control herself, a little news from Su Yuran will make her feel like she's on pins and needles, this person, this name, will be engraved into her heart. In his bones, since childhood, from a little bit, not to mention uprooting, even a little bit of news about her is like a bone cramp, painful and suffocating.

Li Chen was depressed and drank one cup after another. Su Yi was not very good at comforting others. She didn't know what to do other than toast with her. Soon Li Chen was bored and leaned on the sofa without moving. Touched her: "Li Chen?"

She and Li Chen didn't know each other very well before, but tonight they got to know each other quite well. Not only did she know that she was sad and in love, but she also knew about her big and small embarrassments.

Su Yi said: "Li Chen, your cell phone."

Li Chen couldn't hear it, probably because he had drunk too much.

Su Yi didn't know what to do, she took the phone for her, and saw that the page showed her aunt, the person she read all night?

Seeing that the phone kept ringing, Su Yi answered it anyway, opened her mouth and didn't know what it was called, and finally said: "Hello."

The other party was taken aback, and obviously paused for a few seconds: "Hello, Li Chen..."

"Li Chen drank too much." Su Yi explained: "My name is Su Yi, and I'm her friend."

Su Yuran: "I know, Li Chen told you, did she drink too much?"

It seems that she knows Li Chen very well and cares a lot, not as indifferent as Li Chen said, Su Yi said: "Well, she drank too much and can't answer the phone now, I'll ask her to call you tomorrow."

"No need." Su Yuran's voice was light, like the night, and a little cool: "It's just that she's fine, can I ask you something?"

Su Yi said, "Say it."

Su Yuran: "Delete my call."

Su Yi hung up the phone. She didn't know Li Chen's password to open the screen, but Su Yuran told her. After unlocking it, she deleted it from the call history.

From Su Yuran's point of view, this should not be the first time, who deleted it before?

Xu Ruoxing.

Su Yi put down Li Chen's cell phone, moved her to the room, covered her with a thin quilt, and went to the bathroom to wash before returning to the study room. After drinking, her mind was clouded, and she missed Xu Ruoxing even more.

I don't know if Xu Ruoxing has finished work now.

It's nearly eleven o'clock.

Is it over?

Otherwise, send a message to ask?

Su Yi was talking to herself, muttering to herself, but still couldn't resist the temptation, and sent Xu Ruoxing: [Have you finished meeting with Mr. Qi? 】

Xu Ruoxing quickly replied: 【Huh? you haven't slept yet? 】

Su Yi: [No, Li Chen came to our house tonight. 】

Not a minute after this message was sent, Xu Ruoxing's video call came over. Su Yi hastily arranged her pajamas and hair, and only answered after a few seconds. The video was dark, and Su Yi asked, "Where are you?" ?”

Xu Ruoxing said: "Xiao Zheng went to drive, I'll wait for her downstairs."

Su Yi nodded: "Well, back to the hotel?"

Xu Ruoxing: "Go back to the hotel, what happened to Li Chen?"

Then she thought of Su Yuran and said, "I forgot, is it because of her aunt?"

Su Yi hummed lightly, huddled in the quilt, looking very good, Xu Ruoxing saw Su Yi sleeping in the study from the camera, her bed was covered with her quilt, Xu Shi also drank, her face was flushed, and the corners of her eyes were flushed. There is also a blush, light, stained on the fair skin, which is extraordinarily beautiful, and those eyes are clearer than usual.

Xu Ruoxing held the phone tightly with his fingertips, and said to Su Yi, "You also drank a lot?"

Su Yi said: "A little bit."

She made a gesture, which was quite cute, Xu Ruoxing wanted to laugh for no reason, she nodded: "Okay, a little bit."

Su Yi sighed: "Her aunt called just now and asked me to delete the phone records, Xu Ruoxing, have you ever done this before?"

Xu Ruoxing said: "Well, she used to quarrel with her aunt and she liked to drink with me."

Su Yi was puzzled: "Then you are all drunk, how do you still answer the phone?"

Xu Ruoxing said: "Pretend to be drunk."

She is really not good at drinking, but she won't pour two glasses, but she is afraid that Li Chen will drink too much and no one will clean up, so every time she drinks two glasses and pretends to be drunk. Having mastered a certain secret of Xu Ruoxing, Xu Ruoxing said: "Go to sleep."

There must be a lot of noise tonight.

Su Yi lay obediently under the quilt, her head was exposed, and her mobile phone was placed beside the pillow. She pulled a little distance away and groped, only hearing the rustling sound coming from the other end of the mobile phone from time to time. Soon, Su Yi Lying down, she turned her face to Xu Ruoxing, her pretty face was even redder than before, Xu Ruoxing thought it must be because of the alcohol.

She said, "Su Yi, go to bed early."

Su Yi stretched out her hand from under the quilt, held the phone, turned over, and said, "I can't sleep."

Xu Ruoxing coaxed the child: "Close your eyes and fall asleep."

Su Yi closed her eyes obediently, opened them after only a few seconds, and said, "I still can't sleep."

The gesture made Xu Ruoxing laugh, she put her hand on the corner of her mouth, and said with a faint smile in her voice: "What do you want to do if you don't sleep?"

She smiled, the corners of her eyes were slightly raised, the light of the building behind her was shining on her body, her facial features were clear and distinct, her eyes were full of joy, and her expression was soft and gentle. Su Yi looked at her thin lips, her mind was buzzing, and she said: "I want to kiss you."

Xu Ruoxing paused: "What?"

Su Yi smiled at her with a coquettish tone: "Xu Ruoxing, I want to kiss you."